Wednesday, August 23, 2017

KCMO Slumlord Crackdown Stays Losing

No new regulations for property owners from City Hall this week. Here's the round-up:

Renters hoped city would put on ballot ordinance to hold landlords accountable for housing conditions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The 'Communities Creating Opportunities' group called on renters in Kansas City to 'be heard' at a Kansas City city council meeting Wednesday morning, but the council voted against the ordinance they had hoped would pass.


Anonymous said...

I hope they make landloards responsible for housing conditions. That would force rent to go up and dregs to go back to homeless shelters. Economics 101!

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^Congratulations, you're hating on the poor. That's never been done before. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

Oy Vea!

Anonymous said...

Byron, please stop, you don't live here and have no idea what your talking about so let me fill you in, the renters in about 70% of the rental properties are the problem, not the landlords, in case you didn't read that the renters are the problem. They throw their trash all over the yard, keep junk everywhere, don't keep the weeds cut ( used to be grass ) and destroy the house they don't own. The landlords in these cases get fined for their renters stupidity knowing full well the city can't touch them. In most cases these are good people trying to help the"poor people" who get screwed by lazy, no good black and white trash who are bleeding the system dry. The landlord can't even go on his own property to clean the crap up. Don't get me wrong I have no sympathy for the section eight and regular housing slumlords, they deserve everything they get because as long as the government is paying for it (gobs of money each month) they don't mind writing a few hundred dollars worth of fines every 4 or 5 months or so. Don't leave your unibomber style cabin in the woods and please just "look at the flowers"

Silverback Sly said...

And you are abusing SSI...BRAVO

Crazy Clown said...

It really wouldn't do anything to make to make anything better actually.

Heres exactly how that would work out in the end .

The CITY takes the MONEY for the Fee's,,, meanwhile , nothing ever happens to make any of the homes, apts, any better to the liveable standards, KNOW WHY ???

Because KCMO will have the excuse that they don't have enough proper personnel to go around and physically check all the rental properties, to make sure they are up to the city codes !!!

Meanwhile,, KCMO is getting your MONEY $$$$$$$$$

and then they'll decide its NOT enough and need to RAISE the Fee again !!

ands as usual, NOTHING ever happens !!!!

BUT, KCMO is still collecting the FEE's $$$$$$$$$$$

complaints roll in !

again,, NOTHING much happens but a few reports on TV and as usual its swept under the Rug again, as usual !!

That's EXACTLY how that would play out !!!