Monday, August 21, 2017

Kansas City Midday Back To The Grind


Quick peek at classic Candice hotness that offers a ray of sunshine on even the darkest day along with some of the top Kansas City local links. Take a look:

Kansas City Broken Promise Redux???


QUESTION: Is there a real threat that the Blues could eventually move to Kansas City, or do you see another team possibly going there? JR: I've seem some "reports" about the possibility of the Blues going to Kansas City because of the problems with the city approving the renovation funding.

More KCMO Hipster Songs Of Discontent

A Tribute Artist Recreates A Legendary Protest Singer For A Show With Kansas City Musicians

" Outside a Small Circle of Friends," by Phil Ochs, is not a typical protest song. The song tells the biting, sardonic tale of all-too-normal people walking away from tragedies without helping - because, after all, "outside a small circle of friends," who would care? The message is simple: just help.

Rigged Airport Discussion

Committee zeroes in on apples-to-apples comparisons for KCI terminal - Kansas City Business Journal

A selection committee tasked with recommending one of four competing development teams for the job of designing, building and privately financing a new one-terminal Kansas City International Airport is closing in on an apples-to-apples comparison of the teams' financing proposals.

The Pitch Is Now Mostly Booze News

What happens inside the luxury-minded Monarch - opening today on the Plaza - may well affect KC's whole cocktail scene

Photo by Zach Bauman The Monarch is not coy about its extravagance. The new bar - nestled between the rich Polsinelli building and the Plaza-posh Jax Fish and Oyster House - basks in its own gilded-lily glow, from the showpiece terrace outside to the Italian-marble centerpiece bar indoors to the 1,500 handmade plexiglass butterflies that hover overhead.

Kansas City Teachable Moment

Valentine block was home of school board president

Midtown households in the 1930s were predominately made up of typical nuclear families: a working father, stay-at-home mother and several children. But a glimpse at the 1930 makeup of the Valentine neighborhood block from Pennsylvania to Jefferson between 37 th and Valentine shows other trends: a proportionally large number of households headed by widows; families that had taken in boarders; and a dwindling number of live-in servants.

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Anonymous said...

will voters have confidence in the airport proposal?

Anonymous said...

The most ridiculous bars with delusions of grandeur are the ones in hick towns like Kansas City. An excloo VIP room for ball players and pimp lawyers. Holy horse shit. Like really excloo people will pay $30 for a drink so they can hang out with ball players? What is this, fucking Cleveland?

Anonymous said...

If you want rare and/or expensive high-end spirits that you wouldn't otherwise shell out for, go to Harry's at the river market on Sunday. Sell their high-end whiskeys by the finger for maybe half-off on Sundays? That was the only way I would have had the opportunity to try the entire Johnnie Walker series. And, to be honest, black was at least on par, if not better than, blue or platinum.

You also aren't paying extra for dooshery or nose rubbing.

Anonymous said...

Meh, the Peeyotch ceased to exist a decade ago, when the owners peddled it off to a national chain. Who cares what the latest Gay Bar to open up for a month or two looks like?

The L.G.B.T.Q.S.P.Q.R.L.S.M.F.T Community doesn't seem to support the ones already existing, judging by the rate of closures.

Anonymous said...

Candice has a luscious ass

Anonymous said...

an exciting bar is great for kc.

but does the quick emergence of neat nightlife in kc seem like economic froth to anyone else?

Anonymous said...

TOP PHOTO -- Finger holds

After a long day of rock climbing, Candice ask if I was up for one more thrust in the wedge!!!