Monday, August 21, 2017

Kansas City Flash Flood Fear Tonight

Forecast for tonight given local busted infrastructure and the lack of decent flood control despite an ongoing federal storm sewer mandate: First Alert: Flash flooding threat remains through rounds of rain into Tuesday


Anonymous said...

Everybody relax, it's supposed to rain this much in August.

Anonymous said...

might the rains and flooding be related to the eclipse and position of the moon?

Anonymous said...

Truman Road and Main Street in Independence is said by one source to be the high elevation around Kansas City, if the flooding gets really bad.

But it might be better to get a head start and head west to the Rockies if water levels are rising at biblical proportions.

Crazy Clown said...


All KCMO Residents are Invited to the Highest point in Kansas City Missouri

ALL KCMO Residents are invited to take high ground Shelter inside KCMO Mayors SLY JAMES City Hall Office on the 21st floor or 18th floor whatever damn floor his office is at, its High Up, so its all that matters !

Mayor will provide "FREE Food & Drinks" for everybody !

Be sure to bring your EBT Card tho !!

Wait - thought ya said it was free ??????

Ain't nuttin' FREE silly, it just sounds good !!!!!

Anonymous said...

August is usually pretty dry, and the bluegrass goes dormant. Not this year. It is green, lush, and growing. It has been a very rainy summer from my experience. I just hope it doesn't get as rainy as the summer of 93, when every place that could flood did.