Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Haters Signing Up Kansas City???

Local recruitment concerns should be taken seriously despite the fact that most people just want to complain on the Interents . . . Take a look:

Hate groups have few members in KC, but recruiting still a threat

Hate groups can sprout up anywhere, but they do not appear to be very active in the Kansas City area, said Michael Tabman, a former FBI agent and owner of SPIRIT Asset Protection.Tabman worked out of the Kansas City office while he served as a federal agent.


Anonymous said...

Is there an antifa and BLM sign up going on! Let's protest those hates groups right there!

Anonymous said...

be these are the people thier mom and dad would be proud of

Anonymous said...

Transgender violent protesters hate police horses.

Anonymous said...

That's funny, there's a guy on eBay from the area selling neonazi merch.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry chuck isn't doing better at getting any converts. Maybe day after day of posting the media & liners. Liberals and media. Hollywood, and entertainers and liberals and the MSM isn't a very good recruitment tool huh?

Anonymous said...

Does the Southern Poverty Law Center qualify themselves as a hate group? They should. How about BLM or Antifa? The also should be qualified as hate groups.

Anonymous said...

Too bad it's fairly accurate as an assessment.

Anonymous said...

^^^ for the simple-minded it is. You probably qualify.

Anonymous said...

^^^ except for fascists like you.

Crazy Clown said...


The Democratic Commies, Marxist and the Degenerate ANTIFA Creeps are always calling everybody else :

If you don't agree with their Commie Marxist Agenda and Ideology !!

Their "INTENT" is to lay the "GUILT TRIP" routine on those who are Naïve enough to buy into their bullshit nonsense, with the intent to hurt your feelings, so you'll back down and cave in to their pathetic tactics.

Its an old routine the COMMIE Marxist have been deploying for years, its all they know, hell its all they got to work with.

Their just like Degenerate Snake Oil Salesman , trying to Sell you Horse Piss and tell its medicine, like in 3rd world countries.

Their mentally Deranged & Twisted people !

BUT name 1 damn thing those idiots have actually Built or Developed ??

Believe WE ALL can name all the Shit they've Destroyed, ruined, and Fucked Up,,, thru out the decades,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Who needs a hate group. This is Kansas City where 25 percent of black adults are convicted felons. Why organize when you can rape, murder, pillage, steal and act like a savage and be praised for it and protected by your own culture.

Anonymous said...

7:19, how does neo Nazi merchandise differ from Nazi merchandise?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but can somebody explain the difference between this and the groups of thug nigs on the Plaza and Westport robbing and shooting innocent victims at random weekly!