Sunday, July 30, 2017


Over the past few days and all of this week . . . Kansas City urban core denizens will be making personal calls to garner support for a controversial Kansas City wage hike that contradicts Missouri law.

Recently, Missouri cut back the minimum wage in STL after Jeff City politicos ruled that municipalities can't hike wages without Statewide approval.

And now . . .

Question 3 for the upcoming Kansas City election looms . . . Check the Sample ballot:

Question 3: Shall the City of Kansas City enact now a municipal minimum wage of $10.00 per hour on August 24, 2017, and increased annually by $1.25 per hour beginning September 1, 2019, to reach $15.00 per hour in 2022?

Here's public notice about the latest round of locals dialing for dollars . . .


Sound the call to action to Kansas City workers! The August 8 election in Kansas City, Missouri, is coming up. This is our chance to vote on a higher minimum wage, a living wage for every worker. But some families don't yet know about the vote.

That's why we are mobilizing to phonebank for $15.

While the might be a futile effort from a legislative perspective, a strong showing would bolster upcoming statewide efforts to raise the minimum wage OR opposition and/or week turnout might hurt the cause.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

The push for this is bigger than you think TK.

Expect KC 60% approval or more.

Anonymous said...

Why top off at $15 an hour? Why not $20 an hour? $25 an hour? $50 an hour?

Public Service Announcement said...

I have no issues with paying ten or eleven per hour for non skilled workers. But for that money I expect the following:
1. 8:00 means 8:00 not 8:15 or 8:30 four out of five days a week. 8:00 also means you are here and ready to work not just getting there and taking your time clocking in and going to the bathroom, visiting or anything else for that matter but being ready to start working at 8:00.
2. Sorry hate to hear your Aunt had to go to the doctor but it isn't a reason for you to leave work and go hold your mom's hand.
3. Your cell phone isn't needed to do your job so leave it in your locker or purse and make sure your family knows that for emergencies only they can leave a message with the receptionist and you will be made aware of the issue.
4. Your job is the job you decided to accept when you applied for the job not to later decide what you will or not will do while claiming I didn't agree to this type of work when I was hired.
5. You will come to work clean looking while smelling clean no booze on the breath or the odor of weed rolling off of you.
6. If you have tattoos all over your face please don't waste my time or yours.
7. Save the gossiping for your own time and not infringe on other workers doing their job while being model employees because you think they work to much and need to lighten up some.
8. Calling in sick means you do so before work begins not two hours after your reported time to be at work.
9. If you need to see a doctor let us know when the appointment was made and not 30 minutes before you have to leave to go to said so called appointment while claiming you don't have to identify said illness but get all nasty claiming a EOE case when I request a doctors order allowing you back to work.
10. Your two 10 minute paid for breaks and your 30 minute lunch breaks are for you to make or receive a phone call, rest and so forth. Personal phone calls 3 to 4 times an hour will not be tolerated and being out of KoolAid at home isn't an emergency.
11. Remeber the managers and the owners are the boss not you, do it their way or find the highway and do that your way.

Super Dave said...

^^^^^I agree 100%

Anonymous said...

I thought the city couldn't change the minimum wage per state law?

Super Dave said...

^^^^^ They can't, Welcome to Slyville.

Joseph Turner said...

Be careful what you ask for. While one certainly has no objections to people earning a living, keep in mind that - $15/hour minimum wages will translate into higher costs of goods and services. Are you ready to start paying more?

And don't forget, even people who earn minimum wage are consumers; who buy products and services. You might end up making $15 per hour, but if everything you buy as a result has gone up in price, you may end up not being any better off.

Anonymous said...

Just get a different job?

Anonymous said...

Does KC know anything other than hand outs and mooching? Get skills and then you get paid. Have something of value to sell your employer. This ain't rocket science.

Anonymous said...

8:16 that would require these gibme folks to have to use their brains and hands for something other than smoking crack and drinking. That may be all they're good for honestly

Anonymous said...

Are the folks working this phonebank being paid $15/hour?

I'm guessing NO.....definitely NO.

Anonymous said...

how much per hour will the robots replacing people get?

JimBrodi said...

LOL! Good point.

Byron Funkhouser said...

12. I expect you to kiss my ass for doing you the favor of offering you employment. Only a Communist would point out that I make more money from your labor than I'm willing to pay you (I have to make a profit, otherwise I should just be working for some asshole like me.) Remember, I am better than you! You will call me Sir & Mister, & I will call you YOU.

Anonymous said...

B'lieRon Funky^^ with the usual crybabying crapola. "Aaawww, boo hoo. Everything in life is soooo unfair. If y'all gots mo' den me, ya bettuh gibsme."
Have you any concept of owning and managing a business, Funky? Profit is not a dirty word. It is THE word which sums up the primary motivation for headaching with the very long list of legal, financial, regulatory, and societal obligations from being
an entrepreneur.

Very many enterprises cite human resources as the most challenging area for business management. In short, too many Funky types on your payroll will be likely FUBAR!

Crazy Clown said...

ENJOY your $15.00 an hour,, working 2 hours a week,,,,,,

Don't forget to thank,, those NEW Hi-Tech Kiosks too, that'll soon be replacing Human workers !!!

Also be Damn sure to THANK all those Liberal politicians who now know your making more ,, so they can raise TAXES to steal that $15.00 right back away from you ,, and those Libtard politicians will do so with a smile on their face as they LIE to you, as usual !!!

Anonymous said...

Hitler who all Germans loved was a mass murder and idiot like Byron. Must be a German thing.

Funkhouser Name Meaning Respelling of German Frankhauser.

Byron D. Funkhouser, a German liberal, democrat, proven liar, thumbs his nose at laws who loves the Nazi word along with, redneck, idiot, moron, cocksucker, racist, bigot, extremist, right winger...need I say more?

Byron D. Funkhouser, a racist moron fuck!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind paying them some bucks at all if they works like I did when I was in fast food fuck man I busted my balls name is offering me a management position when I was 16 I mean I flat-out busted my balls and I was make more money there than any other employee besides the assistant manager course I realize that was a starter job went on and got into construction on my own construction company where I have busted my balls for 35 years and it's all about working hard man if you work hard you'll eventually earn the money you want or in the money you deserve but you got to get in there and bust ass or it ain't going to happen for you that's just how it is it's cutting Drive simple as that. If you can't cut it you can't you want to work extra hard then eventually inevitably and trust me you will make the kind of money that you want to make but you will not make it fucking off

Anonymous said...

Sorry lot of typos I even talk real fast LOL^^^^^

Anonymous said...

The KC shit bags are in complete denial over the very credible Seattle study that clearly shows the impact of a city passing a $15.00 minimum wage. The Seattle study demonstrated that employers, cut insurance and benefits, reduced educational opportunities, reduced employee hours, demanded more productivity, cut the number of jobs and in the end almost no one ended up taking home more at teh end of the week. There are reasons why business owners lead business and peons stay peons.

There are ways to get ahead in this world and if the dregs were actually willing to do ANYTHING to further the quality of their life they might want to get a fucking clue what some of those ways might be. This reminds me of the decades we have spend destroying the black ethnic group by handing them entitlements without expecting folks to do anything to earn them. This is not how you motivate people to contribute to society, advance themselves or be productive. Do we really want to create a new class of white boons?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fucking not^^^^
That's why I say get in there get with it get at it and you might get some where but you ain't going to make no fucking money fucking tripping over your feet . .I'm with you dude