Thursday, July 06, 2017


Our pal Craig considers all the angles confronting Prez Trump as the question of a super power in the making now threatens the United States. Here's the word . . .

Craig Glazer: Trump Takes Center Stage Against North Korea

President Donald Trump now has the floor on the world stage. North Korea and Kim Jong-Un may have played into Trumps hand. Trump made it clear during his election run that he will not stand idle against any threat to the United States by a foreign government. Now that North Korea has tested an intercontinental ballistic missile, he has the worlds total attention. Trump is now overseas meeting with all foreign leaders on several issues including global warming, but North Korea is now the center of that attention. Trump has already said he is considering severe action against North Korea, not only sanctions but perhaps military action if needed.

North Korea is supported by China, Trump meets with their leader as well. The U.S. President will have a one on one with Russian leader Putin. Many think Trump has wanted to become more of an ally with Russia. We have always been told that Russia is our enemy. Yet we have not ever been in combat with the Russians. It was a 'cold war' that ended during the Reagan era for the most part. Under Putin Russia has made a monster comeback and now sits next to the United States and China as top dog.

The question is how far will Donald Trump go with Putin to make an alliance? Is North Korea a true threat with a missile that could hit Alaska? Clearly if North Korea really did something like that one day, the United States could destroy them. Nobody wants a nuclear war. Trump knows that of course. However if China and Russia forced North Korea to back off, would that make a warm fuzzy with the United States in other ways? Trade? A move towards world peace? A change in the middle east?

Lets be honest, no country wants to 'take over' the United States. Baby Boomers like me had drills in school back in the 60's hiding under our desks in nuclear attack drills. We were told Russia would one day bomb us. Never happened. It was never planned to happen. Those countries have enough trouble of their own at home. As we do. Has the time come for the United States, Russia and China to finally work together for real? Why not.

Donald Trump wants to make America great, not that we aren't. Trump wants to be 'The Great President.' This is his first chance to make steps in that direction world wide. Is this his moment? Can it work? We all know Europe is worried about something like this going down. They are neighbors with Russia and count on the United States as their chief ally to step in against anything Russia might do in the future to take command. Its a tough ticket for sure. Donald Trump has what he dreamed of a moment that is his to engineer as the great leader he claims to be, one who won't back down, but can make the best deal possible. Can he? Will he? The stage is yours Donald Trump.


Anonymous said...

Another problem left over from the Obama Administration. This is what happens when you had a president who didn't handle the situation for 8 years.

Anonymous said...

You're fucking kidding me, Craig Glazer, THE foreign policy expert? He should go on Meet the Press. Seriously, he's a jackoff.

Anonymous said...

Spot on very profound analysis of the current world situation by Craig . Nothing was done by Obama and the chicken shit metrosexual staff of his administration . Hell , at least President Trump is trying to do something . Give him and his staff some time to clean up the disaster of the worthless last eight years . Or move your limp ass to Mexico or Venezuela , BITCHES !!¡¡

Anonymous said...

Yeah I sit around all day making big decision too.
I think they need to drop the prime rate, next we need to go to war with China
....blah blah blah.

Anonymous said...

Funniest most ironic thing ever. What's next, Sly James with the word on corrupt Detroit politics?

chuck said...

He should lay back in the weeds, say nothing and do nothing until he is 100% sure of the outcome of ANY action. The variables are myriad and without exception unpleasant for many.

Behind the scenes economic manipulation of interested parties should be the first strategy. These actions can and should push China to the brink of a Trade War and here is why. The economic ramifications of a trade war could be harsh and might threaten the status quo, which is increased growth and a gradual increase in prosperity. Upsetting the apple cart on an economic stage is dangerous enough, blowing the fuckin apple cart clear into next week will wreck the economy anyway.

The Chinese economy is a fuckin Potemkin Village and the leaders in China have just got to be sweating bullets that their house of cards stays out of the wind generated by a Trump Trade War.

Smart money, says, there is a hell of a long way to go, before we launch anything but bullshit.

At least I hope so.

We are a lot better off declaring a Trade War with China, then a Real War with North Korea.

Nice take Glaze.

Anonymous said...

One must remember a 'success' in NK-speak means it didn't fall down the back of their undershorts. OF course the media drama queens and attention whore are reporting this as Kim could drop a nuke on the Negro Leagues Museum.

Anonymous said...

Let's introduce today's panel on Meet The Press:

Convicted felon, drug user and failed businessman Craig Glazer; notorious racist and xenophobe Chuck Lowe; "Super" Dave Larson, who's so full of himself when he shits the toilet starts talking, and cRAZy ClOwN!


oops, shot my TV

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^But when you shit it's only shit so Dave is one up on you there.

Anonymous said...

Nuclear weapons are going to be used.

The only two questions are when and how many.

Wouldn't it be ironic if Hiroshima got hit AGAIN?

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

There is something not being discussed:
There are about thirty thousand military wives and kids over there
Nothing better happen until they are brought home. Anything happens to them and I'll be first in line to demand trumps impeachment

Anonymous said...

Look Sly has it down. Pound out the constant hype. WORLD CLASS! FROSTY! THIS IS HOW WE DO KC!

Let those suckers who take the bait discover they've moved into a corrupt crime ridden hell hole after it's to late.


Anonymous said...

Good call Glazer

Anonymous said...

Agree with 3:49 as well as the Chuck . One other thing that is significant is that the ChiComs hold MANY billions of dollars in US T - Bills that if were ever cashed in would have a really dangerous effect on the US economy , not to mention all of the real estate that they own here as well !¡

Crazy Clown said...

How would I handle little Fat buddy Kim ????????

Well, I'd send little Fat Buddy Kim, some good ol' KC Bar B Q for starters :)

I'd kinda suck up to him, make him feel all cozy and welcome !!!

Then I'd personally invite little FAT Buddy to a nice Italian Dinner at my expense of course !!!

Again, make him feel all cozy & welcome, maybe even give him a gold watch or something, a show of friendship you'd say, while we eat dinner at the nice Italian restaurant,,,,

Then afterwards I'd invite little Fat Buddy to a night on the town at some Strip Club, and we'd proceed out the "BACK DOOR" of the Italian eatery were eating at,,,,

There in the back parking lot would be a 1970 Cadillac Eldorado, as usual,, like in the past before, with the trunk lined with plastic

as we approach the Elrorado I'd snake out my pistol with a Muffler on the end of it and pump several rounds into the back of little fat buddys head and open the trunk to the Eldorado, throw him in it and close the deck lid,,, climb in and take a road trip down to an old acquaintance of mine funeral home and throw little fat buddy Kim in the incinerator / oven and cremate his dumb arrogant ass !


North Korea Kim Jong Un' has gone missing , where abouts unknown !
Family worried about his safety ,,,,
US Officials deeply concerned as for his where abouts , CIA, FBI and Justice Dept as well as State Dept and US Pentagon officials have no clue where he is at !
Reporters claiming this is reminiscent of the days another leader disappeared back on JULY 31st 1975,,,,,,,,,

that being of Union Labor leader / Boss Jimmy Hoffa Senior.

Thank You, Vincent Giancente !

Anonymous said...

Glazer is like that guy at the office water cooler who just knows what the TV news told him to believe, yet doesn't really have a grasp of what's actually happening.

What do I mean? Examples?

"Under Putin Russia has made a monster comeback and now sits next to the United States and China as top dog." If Glazer thinks Russia and China sit alongside the U.S. military as top dog, he doesn't begin to understand the lopsided supremacy which our military employs.

"Nobody wants a nuclear war." This is an incorrect assertion. There are numerous people/groups within the United States government/military that seek to engage others in a nuclear combat. In our recent past, the United States came close to launching a pre-emptive nuclear attack against the Russians. Then Vice-President Cheney facilitated the transfer of nuclear weapons to be used against Iran, before military leadership caught wind of the breach and halted the transfer before it was outside our jurisdiction.

"Those countries have enough trouble of their own at home. As we do." Glazer must be wholly ignorant of the business of America..the business of war. The United States, by far, is the largest supplier of war material to the rest of the planet. You want to know why Putin doesn't trust us? Because American Presidents broke their promise to him, not to expand NATO forces upon the Russian border. You want to know why China doesn't trust us? Because we've sold billions worth of weapons to Taiwan, moved troops into Australia, and increased our force presence surrounding their borders. We continue with our so-called Asia Pivot strategy to encircle China and keep them subordinate.

Rest assured, if and when hostilities break out, Glazer's lack of geopolitical understanding will see him leading the chants of USA-USA-USA, while waving the flag and egging on those who wish to nuke the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

Glazer is a prime example why Kansas Ciy has always been a fucked up place. The Captcha has really slowed the comments down for everyone. It's such a pain in the ass I only take the time out now to slam Glazer.

Anonymous said...

ANYONE, including Glazer, who thinks they have a full grasp of an issue like this is a fool. Large groups of brilliant men have, for decades, grappled with the nuiances of the situation and the viability of numerous options. Anyone who thinks they can boil it down in a brief blog post is only supassed in their foolishness by anyone who puts any stock in what they read in such a post.

Anonymous said...

Obama and that pant suit butch Hillary has caused most of this shit. Send them to North Korea and then nuke. They won't be missed.

Super Dave said...

I have to agree with 6:31

Anonymous said...

China hasn't paid on sovereign bonds sold to U.S. citizens soon after WW2. They've defaulted to other countries over the last six decades, also. China paid up Billions owed on bonds and investments backed by gold to Britain, but still owes the U.S. more than twice what the U.S. has in "paper" to China. Peter Huessy at Fox News, and numerous others, write about China also owing royalties in the U.S. to artists, producers, and patent holders for pirated music CDs, copied movie reels, and boosted products designs.

chuck said...

6:13 and 6:31 make good points, but, you don't have to be John Stuart Mill to see a video of a ballistic missile launch and notice world leaders all jumping around like live frogs in a frying pan.

So, while the nuance and details are verboten to the unwashed masses here at TKC, conjecture from same is to be expected.

We can guess as well as some of our government leaders as to the possible outcomes. I am guessing a TKC "Delphi Method" would sure as be more accurate than anything Maxine Waters, or most of the elected representatives in Congress might predict.

Anonymous said...

First we need to place the same tariffs on China imports that are placed on our exports to China. The we need to ban international web sales of Chinese merchandise directly to U.S. citizens including Alibaba, DHGate, AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, etc., which do hundreds of millions in sales of Chinese products daily. Talk about killing American jobs and manufacturing.

Demand that U.S. Customs start complying with the law on charging tariffs on ALL imports of Chinese goods. Admonish the U.S. Postal Service for making deals with the China government that allows Chinese businesses to purchase tracked postage to the U.S. at 1/20th the rate U.S. citizens pay to send items to China. Go to the Hague and force China to stop illegal currency manipulation. Implement trade equity with China.

Once we get the playing field level we might have considerably more strategic power than we think. As long as we continue to be China's little bitch boy we are nothing more than barking mice.

CG said...

Some good comments and usual trolls life in social media covers it all. I did not take a stand on what Trump would do, just his options. I don't have the answers, nobody does. Yes I believe our military is the best but I also think if we could be closer to Russia and China that could calm everything down for years to come. Why not?

I See a Loser said...

^^^^^^^^^^The story was bad enough then, you had to add that crap.