Wednesday, July 05, 2017


The secret and gerrymandered streetcar extension vote has many Kansas City residents concerned about the real aims of urban planners who welcome gentrification and seemingly have little regard for lower income residents or Democracy.

To wit . . .


By design or by accident, what we know for sure is that supporters of the toy train streetcar have been merciless toward any questions or criticisms, they have little regard for any business or residents who stand in their way and they don't care about the impact of their fake transit scheme beyond paying more consultant fees and powering taxpayer subsidized development.

Here's the word . . .

Streetcar Expansion = Urban Renewal ... Or worse!

City Hall is simply a puppet for a much larger Cabal interested in driving all the non-profits (who do not currently pay property tax) and poorer citizens from one of the main corridors of our city (Broadway and Main Street from River Market to the Plaza) . . . Think about it: The City raises property taxers and adds assessments to citizens living along the streetcar line and taxing non-profits, schools, churches, hospitals, The Salvation Army, St. Pauls, Visitation Church, etc. Eventually the non-profits will not be able to meet their tax obligations as these are new costs to them and the CIty will foreclose their property. Redemptorist parish at Broadway and Linwood estimates their added cost will exceed $100,000. Likewise some of the residents along the line and in the TDD will no longer be able to keep up with increased property taxes and sales taxes on products they buy close to home.

Properties will be sold for fire sale prices or foreclosed by the City. Residents who have live there for many years, raised their families there, etc. are forced to seek other housing. Now the City sells or gives the confiscated property to a friendly developers who will build high rises, etc. and will eventually pay taxes.

All of this so we can provide free rides for out of towers on the weekends at taxpayer expense. We really need to think before we expand this streetcar boondoggle. Some people refer to what’s happening as a type of “cleansing".

Developing . . .


Akkad said...

Gentrification and also mean improvement. Nobody likes to be priced out but there is a definite benefit in building to accommodate somewhat higher incomes and giving those people access to greater housing because of the increased value of their dollar. Ideally, everybody wins because of the economic benefit and added value to property. If people sell out then they will be doing so at higher prices. That's not so say that there aren't casualties in the real estate game and they need to be protected but not at the expense of economic opportunity for most residents.

Anonymous said...

Why can't this happen with private money. Why should city hall have to pay and subsidize it all? If people want to gamble on the streetcar let them do it. But KC taxes shouldn't have to cover their bets.

Anonymous said...

And if we're going to run a streetcar all the way to the Plaza. We need to start charging for it. It's not fair that everyone else has to pay for the bus but somehow streetcar riders are free and more entitled to their ride than everyone else.

YQ said...

^^^^ +1

Anonymous said...


1. We have the MAX.

2. We do not need to tear up Main Street and lose a lane for real transit.

3. Even assuming we needed the streetcar, why do taxpayers need to pay for it?

Anonymous said...

Before long KILLA city's taxes will be as high as the cities in New York and the other liberal pool of shit california

Anonymous said...

fear of cleaning up Main St?

Not likely, more like hopeful!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Decapitations, produce shortages at rivermarket, and prostitutes being drowned by Jack the Ripper next!!!!

Keep trying basement boy, and keep chasing that whale ahab!!!

Anonymous said...

The Pitiful Poor has to pay their fair share some way.

Anonymous said...

All this so tourists can have free rides on the weekend. This is beyond crazy!

Anonymous said...

Why isn’t there a City wide vote on expansion? I forgot there was one and it was a landslide defeat. Guess we have to keep voting until we get it right.

Anonymous said...

And streetcar electrocutions, 7:07! Don't forget the electrocutions!

Anonymous said...

!!! O H N O E S !!!

A P L A N T O R E M O V E B L A C K P E O P L E F R O M T H E C I T Y !!!

A B O U T T I M E !!!

Northlander said...

I am glad someone in KCMO is thinking ahead . This was a plan back in 2000 to have control over 800 feet from each stop and put up new and bigger buildings to gain more population .
I moved from KCMO when I saw higher taxes coming .

Anonymous said...

Yeah run dem groids out of the city! Good plan.

Anonymous said...

Trolley boy's up early today serving his master. Ever notice how he manages to ignore the fact that the choo choo duplicates transit that is better, cheaper and, best of all, already exists?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure defining "gentrification" as providing a publicly-funded amusement park for 20-something year-olds working the gig economy or as baristas and doubling up to rent over-priced "luxury" apartments built with public subsidies equates into some kind of long-range socioeconomic success for a community.
The whole "millenials are all moving to urban areas" fad is already fading fast and, with the increase in crime and violence, constantly-increasing utility bills and taxes, and lack of basic services on the part of KCMO government, it won't be long before this target demographic gets real jobs and heads for the security, good schools, quality of life, and opportunities of the suburbs.
All that will be left in KCMO are the un-maintained city-owned toys, half-empty offices and apartments, and decades of debt.
How's Mike's new hotel coming?

Anonymous said...

Hey. That guy on the train looks just like lardass James after his ass is run out of town.

Retro ROCKER said...

They did the same thing in Connecticut AND SAN FRANCISCO SANTA MONICA CALIFORNIA. YOU WILL BE PAYING three thousand dollars a month for an apartment .And they will attempt to Build new houses near there for a cool million.

Retro ROCKER said...

You eliminate the bad elements and the rift raft. So people will want to live there and feel safe. Your paying 2000,00 a month for an condo. You don't want bums hanging out. It's called urban renewal. I'm a fool for the city.

Anonymous said...

Remember folks old enough to know

the City of KCMO pulled this same bullshit back when attempting to build that Bruce Watkins Freeway starting back in the 1970's era and it Failed miserably !

That FAILED Project made its way all the way to CBS NEWS 60 Minutes came to Kansas City in the 1990's and even did a story on it.

how the city of KCMO displaced residents thru imminent domain and forced those out along that purposed freeway back then,

then it project went BANKRUPT and sat for over 20 years unfinished and in shambles.

finally finished in the early 2000's era

KCMO has a vast pathetic history of FAILED Projects that went Bust & Bankrupt !

Lets look back :

1990's failed renovation of the River Quay Markey - twice !

1980's / 1990's Failed renovation of the JAZZ District, 18th VINE KCMO

Early 2000's of the Bartle Hall expansion - after the lengthy expansion and riddled with cost over runs , Bartle watched many Venues pull out, from FFA Convention / Future Farmers of America to other conventions as well,,

Problem : Bartle was Dirty not well maintained, Cost too much and supposedly NOT enough Hotels in the area and HIGH CRIME !!!

Then in the 2000's Mayor KAY BARNES and her failed PL District / KCP&L District which continues to be a major Failure for citizens of KC who are left on the hook for its expenses to the tune of Multi-Millions to this day.

Mid 2000's / 2016/2017
The soon to be FAILURE of the SLY JAMES PHONY / FAKE TOY Train Street CAR Which will be defunct within a few years as Citizens will learn of Phony Rider numbers made up by SLY JAMES Staff & supporters and MULTI MILLIONS wasted of TAX PAYER Money and un'accounted for , from the SLY JAMES Administration , as usual !!!!

Lastly,,, the SLY JAMES Rock the Block fiasco which turned Violent and totally chaotic just a few years ago which made the NEWS !!!!

Failures, KCMO has had plenty thanks to inept & incompenent over paid leaders !!!