Wednesday, July 19, 2017

This Week In Kansas City Highway Fires

Quick compilation of this week's local trend offers a bit of helpful advice and warning about how drivers are too distracted and rushed to really care about anybody but themselves.


KMBC: Recent fiery crashes are local examples of a disturbing national trend: This year more than 245 people have been killed in crashes – that’s up more than 20 percent from this same time last year.

Fox4: Traffic crashes involving fires or explosions can cause injuries similar to what doctors see in a war zone.Drivers speed past construction zone after crash on I-435

KCTV5: Police warn drivers to stay off phones while driving

You decide . . .


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Just the Facts Please said...

Till cops start busting the hell out of cell phone users this trend will keep happening.

Anonymous said...

Car companies are also catering to this. Have you seen how many gadgets are on the new cars to distract drivers?
Surprised anyone even looks at the road anymore.

Anonymous said...

Too many toys in cars now. Just look at the other drivers at a stoplight, most are playing with their phones or touch screen dashboard.

Most folks can't drive worth a darn anyway, and these distractions make it worse.

Add in excessive speed (it's like the indy 500 on the interstates anymore) and the result is crispy critters.

Anonymous said...

If there's such a crusade on warning against distracted driving then why does TV news do live reports from inside moving vehicles sometimes with the reporter driving and glorify storm chasers. Nope, no distractions there no sireee Bob

Anonymous said...

Wow. You pants-shitting geezers must really be bored today to be commenting on dumb shit like this.

Anonymous said...

11:08 Get to work boy, those hamburgers aren't going to flip themselves.