Sunday, July 02, 2017

The Kansas City Sunday News Link Stroll

Behati brings this Kansas City news links to the forefront this Sunday ...

Kansas City Urban Core Podcast

Northeast Newscast Episode 15 - Scarritt Renaissance and the Kansas City Museum w/ SRNA President Leslie Caplan

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - This week on the Northeast Newscast, managing editor Paul Thompson sits down with Scarritt Renaissance Neighborhood Association President Leslie Caplan to talk about the positive momentum of the neighborhood; the association's upcoming marquee events, and how interested neighbors can gets involved with them; the Kansas City Museum's plans to add more parking; and the Independence Avenue Pedestrian Safety Improvements Study.

More Deets On Lawman Fired

WYCO deputy fired, charged with pocketing money from sex offenders

Kansas City, KS - A Wyandotte County deputy faces felony charges for stealing money intended for the Sheriff's office, according to the county prosecutor. Jay Pennington,38, was team leader for the WYCO sheriff's Offender Registration Unit (ORU) and responsible for taking cash fees from registered sex offenders.

Show-Me Senate Fight Preview

Missouri U.S. Senate race for 2018 is shaping up as a marquee national contest

WASHINGTON * July could be both the hottest month on the thermometer and the sultriest month of 2017 in Missouri politics. A cavalcade of decisions and revelations in coming weeks will greatly shape the 2018 elections, which will put Missouri squarely at the center of the battle for control of Congress.

Kansans Against Prayer???

Atheist group stops coach-led prayer at Kansas schools

A group that advocates for separation of church and state recently announced that it had stopped coach-led prayer at two school districts in western Kansas. Prayers are common at athletic games in Kansas, some coaches say, but school employees must not be involved in them.

The Royal Rebound???

Kansas City Royals: June was kind to the Royals in 2017

Just a month ago, Kansas City Royals fans were thinking sell, sell, sell when it came to the trade deadline that was far away. Now, however, the Royals are a whole new team and have gone from being potential sellers to potential buyers.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to get on Behati

Anonymous said...

"Missouri U.S. Senate race for 2018 is shaping up as a marquee national contest"

Golly Gee! I thought they already had their marqquee event in Georgia and got their libtard asses beat. Did they rename that since it didn't work out? I can't wait for the Dems to get their butts kicked in Missouri, especially after America witnessing all these childish tantrums that have been going on since Trump won the election. Sooner or later the libtards will get that Americans are not getting aboard the vile hatred train with them. Maybe they will take their meds or perhaps even grow up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, no PRAYER participation for Kansas public school employees. But, sure, put those gender-benders in the locker rooms, showers, and in that next stall with Toto's young Dorothy at school. Soon, the ACLU will have any pervy peeper or pedo that wants to "identity" for that year or semester, within intimate confines with very young school children. DON'T BELIEVE it will be only early teen boys who transed to harmless, femmies, who become besties with your daughters and neices. Adult males coming to your local schools from visitor teams, dropping by the science fair, or attending performances WILL BE ALLOWED INTO THE GIRLS' FACILITIES.

YES. IT'S COMING. THE FUBAR SICKOS WANT TO DESIGNATE A NON-GENDERED IDENTITY TO BE DECLARED AS "X" on all official documents---drivers' licenses, birth certificates, DD214s, etc.

Wow! Anything goes...nothing matters! Don't dare let that coach lead kids at school in prayer!