Thursday, July 06, 2017

The Kansas City News Link Pool Tonight

Tessa hotness keeps us up to date this evening because Internets good looks is more important than anything . . . Except for these Kansas City local news links:

Future Tech On Kansas City Streets

MoDOT to test driverless technology in metro area

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - The Missouri Department of Transportation is hoping to test driverless technology on some of its fleet as soon as next year. June 28 was the deadline for companies to submit proposals to MoDOT on autonomous technology. Now, it is reviewing those proposals with hopes to have a vendor on board by late July.

No Clue In Kansas City White Guy Killings

Identity of man in trail security video remains a mystery

Investigators say plain and simply - they need more tips.

Give The KCPD A Brake

KCMO Police Officer avoids injury when car slams into his patrol car

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A car smashed into a KCMO Police Officer's patrol car Thursday afternoon on a busy street in the Northland. The officer was at northeast 94th Street and North Oak Trafficway investigating an earlier traffic accident. A second car hit the officer's patrol car.

Kangaroo Cash Desperation

UMKC Lobbyist Says He 'Played Every Card' To Get State Funding For Downtown Arts Campus

Warren Erdman, the leader of the local effort to obtain state money for the proposed UMKC Downtown Campus for the Arts, warned Thursday that any alternative funding plan in response to the Gov. Eric Greitens' veto last week should not place a "severe" strain on UMKC.

Social Media "Journalism" Talk

Kansas City's violent crime a concern for SCLC, community

Kansas City's problem with violent crime continues to grow. And it's a growing concern for community leaders. Thursday, Dr. Vernon Howard of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference met with the Star's editorial board on a Facebook Live broadcast.

Celebrate New Plaza Kicks

Nike opens store in Country Club Plaza, new strategy to get more customers

On Saturday, Nike will celebrate its grand opening as the newest store in Kansas City's Country Club Plaza. Plaza owners are excited, calling Nike, important part of our retail mix. The Nike store is more proof that the Plaza is offering stores for shoppers in every price range.

HomeTown Hero Glory Today

You did it! Mike Moustakas wins Final Vote to become third Royals All Star

For the second time in his career, Kansas City Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas is an All Star.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Wow ! A Nike store on the Plaza dump ? Next we'll have a Churches fried chicken joint and a nail polish and hair extension salon ¡! I cannot wait , please keep more COPS on the Plaza dump inner city youth scholar's hood rats new hangout ¡!

Anonymous said...

BIG MISTAKE BIG! Whoever bought the Plaza is destroying it on top of what Sly James is doing. This is what happens when Mall people come in, and the new owners are Mall people, watch more stores pull out, and more crime come in, eventually it will empty out, and be filled with pawn shops and check cashing stores. Its already starting to show the signs, the streets are not crowded like they use to be.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Nike outlet in the metrosexual DOUCHEBAG Plaza ! Let's go to DAT place and load up ! I cannot wait for the Grand opening ! Mize hommies gunna hump bangers Boyz that shit out¡

Anonymous said...

So, Warren Erdman spent the last 30 years trying to get Right Wing Republicans elected in Missouri, and now he whines about the Republican Governor opposing a Higher education funding bill!! Sorry, Warren, you reap what you sow!!!!!

Anonymous said...

After meeting with the SCLC's Dr. Howard, Colleen Nelson and Dave Helling of The Star Editorial Board abruptly decided to move over to the East-side and actually contribute toward solving the problem.

FAKE NEWS! Are you kidding? They only lecture Kansas City residents from their White Privilege perch in Kansas.