Thursday, July 06, 2017

The Kansas City Link Peek Right Now

Hottie Stella starts our glimpse at all the important Kansas City links right now as she offers a look at hot-ass Summer fashions.


Power Players Inside The Loop

Nominations Open for Downtown KC Awards

The Downtown Council has opened nominations for its two annual awards, the Urban Hero Award and the J. Philip Kirk Award. Your input is essential in identifying the most qualified candidates for these honors, which will be presented at the next DTC Annual Luncheon in January 2018.

Classy Kansas City

Big Boost In Attendance For Heart Of America Shakespeare Festival's 'Hamlet'

Back in William Shakespeare's day, outdoor theaters like the Globe in London could accommodate about 3,000 people. More than 400 years later in Kansas City, crowds in June and July hauled blankets and lawn chairs to pack into Southmoreland Park for the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival's production of Hamlet.

Johnson County Tax Scam

New phone scam cheats Lenexa woman out of nearly $10,000

A new phone scam has reached the metro and has cost a Lenexa woman nearly $10,000. Lenexa police say the scammer claimed to be from the United States government. The scammer was a man, who told the woman she was eligible for a free grant because she is a loyal, tax-paying citizen.

Kangroo Judge Stays Winning

Zel Fischer will become chief justice of Missouri Supreme Court - Kansas City Business Journal

Zel Fischer, a native of northwest Missouri, will become Missouri's next chief justice on Saturday, taking over from Judge Patricia Breckenridge, who remains on the high court. Fischer's term as chief will run through June 2019. Fischer grew up in Watson and attended the Rock Port public schools.

Captive Cruelty In Kansas City

Take a look inside Berlin the polar bear's exhibit

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - 41 Action News got an exclusive look to see what happens behind the scenes at the Kansas City Zoo. Meteorologist Lindsey Anderson learned all about the polar bear Berlin's daily routine and how every move is catered to what Berlin wants.

Nobody Is Doing This

Why are teens snorting chocolate?

Teens snorting chocolate may be the new way for them to get a rush.

Amazing Local Building Season Pix

Overland Park KS - Metcalf Avenue 80 Construction - Photoblog

Overland Park KS - Metcalf Avenue 80 Construction; this is the site of the old White Haven Motor Lodge. After the old motel was demolished, this mixed-use residential and commercial site plan got underway.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Stella has an exquisite ass

Crazy Clown said...

That's what their sticking there ?????

shit it looks awful compared to what was there before !!

looks like a future complex to house inmates for crimes or something !!

Anonymous said...

I want to eat that ass like it's goddamn Godiva chocolate.

Fred Schmurdlap said...

Zel Fisher is the best Judge on the Court. He is a Judge for the People. The people will be well served under the Chief Justice Fisher.

Anonymous said...

TOP PHOTO -- Self Reflection

When I told blonde Stella, "I see myself in you", she giggled and glanced in the mirror!!!

Anonymous said...

"...who told the woman she was eligible for a free grant because she is a loyal, tax-paying citizen. He then asked her to buy gift cards to transfer the money to and then to give them that information."

A fool and his money are quickly parted. Anyone dumb enough to fall for that one bears most of the responsibility for their loss.