Wednesday, July 05, 2017


This party place costs Kansas City $15 MILLION every year and now courtroom complaints could add to the price tag. Checkit:

Appeals Court Reinstates Racial Discrimination Claim Against Kansas City Power & Light Operator

A federal appeals court has reinstated part of a lawsuit alleging that the operator of Kansas City's Power & Light Entertainment District engaged in a "pattern and practice" of racial discrimination. The lawsuit against The Cordish Companies was dismissed two years ago by U.S.


Anonymous said...

Thankfully the P&L is racist. Not racist enough, but way better than shithole Westport.

Anonymous said...

I moved from Midtown KCMO to Prairie Village KS over ten years ago. It was like moving from Zimbabwe to Switzerland.

Anonymous said...

Racism is realism

Retro ROCKER said...

I walked into a Resturent,and the sign stated, We reserve the right to refuse service to who we please, They have never been sued. SIGN SIGN EVERY WHERE A SIGN.

Anonymous said...

It's called protecting their investment. I don't ever go to P&L but I don't blame them. Black people destroy everything they touch. Westport needs to do the same.

Anonymous said...

Anybody check out the fight at Worlds of Fun? FOX4 has a video of it. Not a white person in sight. The only way to keep negroes from ruining something is to keep them out.

Anonymous said...


Actually its NOT Black people who Destroy everything,,,,,

its YOUNG Black Degenerate Communist Liberals, those under 30 yrs. old who are the Degenerates to Society is the problem.

Their full of HATE, Dis'respect and contempt !

Majority are from the inner city, all drugged up, don't give a Flyin' Shit about anything and seem to only know Destruction, and constantly Blaming everybody else for the problems & issues they cretate themselves.

Their unwillingness to admit that they are the problem to Society, shows their mentality.

Any attempt to clarify the FACTS of what they are & have done, and they instantly will throw up the RACE CARD as their only pathetic weak defense, because that's all they got,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

They've been brainwashed by other Degenerate low life Slime Communist / Socialist Cockroaches in the public schools and they the media and the Pathetic disgusting RAP / Hip Hop music industry as we've all seen the Violence & Murders that come from those pathetic groups !

Anonymous said...

I'll further add its Degenerate pathetic Communist / Socialist LIBERALS such as :

Dr. Cornwell West

Bernie Sanders

*** Saul Alinsky

Jill Stein

Hillary Clinton

Maxine Waters

John Lewis

Chuck Schumer D. NY

Rosie O'Donnell

Michael Moore

Ashley Judd

Whoopi' Goldberg

All mostly RICH spoiled well to do Elites, who hate the very country that made them rich & famous - think about that, digest that for a minute !!!