Thursday, July 06, 2017

Retired Reporter Jim Fitzpatrick Could Save The Kansas City Star From TKC Haterz!!!

Forgive another self-referential link . . . However, our favorite old school reporter and one time (not so long ago) big money political campaign contributor to Mike Burke's ambitions falsely claims that the TKC blog community "encourages" hateration as he hatches a scheme to save the newspaper via a digital subscriptions. It's a good plan that may or may not completely overlook the dominance of freebie social media wherein everyone is their own William Randolph Hearst.

The Star is overlooking an opportunity to sell a lot of online subscriptions

There's no doubt that The Kansas City Star, being a link in the debt-laden McClatchy newspaper chain, is operating under significant financial constraints. But one area in which a relatively small investment could pay big dividends is online reader comments. Unfortunately, The Star took steps several years ago that had the effect of discouraging reader...


Or something said...

The delete button would be heavy on any perspective staying from the Star's agenda.

Anonymous said...

The problem isn't that the Star is printed on paper.
It's that all the experienced reporters with any in-depth knowledge of their beats and serious contacts for stories have all been fired.
And they've been replaced with writers who take press releases as news, write at the level of a poor high school newspaper "journalist", and mostly act as shills for city hall and various business interests.
And the rest of the "newspaper" is filled with stories of barely marginal interest from news services and other papers around the country.
Why is reading crap online supposed to be any more interesting or educational than a paper copy?
At least the Sunday paper has coupons!
Trying to sell chicken crap as chicken salad in a different package isn't much of a strategy.
And A FULL YEAR for $20?
You'd have to sell millions of those just to keep the lights on.

Anonymous said...

When they got rid of BILL TAMMEUS and the RELIGION SECTION they lost a HUGE part of their audience.

Then Bill shut down comments on his page...some say the comments got threatening and their was talk of legal action...and his hits went way down.

Lets go back to the good old days of open comments.

Good for business.

Anonymous said...

The problem is only geriatrics read the paper. It's doomed. Who wants to cater to a bunch of geezers? Look at what's happening on this blog? 7:18 Am is proof that geriatrics ruin everything.

Anonymous said...

Like 95% of this nation's newspapers, The Star hates Trump, Brownback, Greitens, Kobach, anyone that's a Republican. When they bring some balance into their reporting and editorials I will consider paying for a subscription

Anonymous said...

the Star is a rag, no matter if its on paper OR digital. A piece of shit is still a piece of shit...

Crazy Clown said...

I remember the Star went to utter SHIT back in like 2002 and continued its spiral downhill right into the trash can of hell and continues to this day !!!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter if it is virtual or physical paper. The Star is 100 percent ass wipe.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate JimmyC's opinion, but he's making the false assumption that The KC Star has simply overlooked an opportunity to drive online subscriptions.

The Star continues to cling to the seriously flawed attitude that they don't have to be responsive to their subscribers. Just look at their sordid history of failure when it comes to something as basic as delivering their product to subscribers. How many times have you heard from former subscribers recalling the horror of paying for a subscription but not receiving their paper routinely in a timely manner? Years ago, half the houses on my street use to receive the daily, now I think it's only 1-2 elderly residents.

The Star has continually shrunk the size of the paper, raised the price, gone with wide margins, large photos, and much more junk ads to fill space, all while delivering OLD news. After promising a new balanced viewpoint Editorial Board, the Star settled upon a 100-percent Democrat Party membership roster. Their views are straight from the old, worn-out, Democrat Party echo chamber led by octogenarians Feinstein, Waters, and Pelosi (the California 3 Stooges).

JimmyC actually pinpoints part of the allure of TKC, while criticizing it, when he highlights the fact that comments are open and readers must use their own discretion. Oh my! What an antiquated belief system! Readers are treated as adults with the understanding that others may disagree with your viewpoint, and the individual is responsible for serving as their own filter. If you're offended by the comments, don't read them!

TKC = Best local blog BECAUSE it's KC's last free speech zone.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It seems that none of the Star people get the message. It isn't the form that the Star comes in it is the total lack of factual reporting, the puff feel good articles about subsidy and TIF and developers who NEVER design anything only reuse old ideas from Dallas of Seattle. and the lack of any idea of multi-perspectives on world events or political performances. The Star is just like Corn Flakes, same old same ol. It hasn't been a news organization for 20 years so why do we even discuss it.

Anonymous said...

Wife: Hey, did ya meet the new gay neighbors who are perfect for each other?

Husband: Not yet. Who are they?

Wife: Gerald Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzgerald.

Husband: Jeezus! They told ya THAT?!