Tuesday, July 04, 2017


Slice of life for the Kansas City inner-suburbs. Here's the aftermath:

Sword attack sends Raytown man to hospital

RAYTOWN, Mo. - A Raytown, Missouri man is recovering after officials say he was attacked with a sword. Raytown police said in a release that they were called to a disturbance at 4 a.m. Monday at the 7400 block of Overton Avenue. Officials say the discovered a man who was assaulted by a sword.


Anonymous said...

RE: "Officials say they discovered a man who was assaulted by a sword."

Damn! I tell you, you can never turn your back on a sword! They'll just spontaneously lunge at you for no reason.

BAN SWORDS! Headline coming soon to a Liberal near you.

Anonymous said...

It's almost 1130 in Raytown and assholes are still setting of loud home made bullshit fireworks. This town is trash.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Yup

Anonymous said...

White punks on dope ! Thanks for that , The Tubes , 1975

Anonymous said...

NEWS FLASH: Bolonzo Washmachin uses his strategic, high tech, Toys 'R Us drone, airborne crime fighting machine to generate hot tip that Raytown Slasher is actually Jackyl Da Ripper's illegal immigrant cousin Zorro! Da police gots it all wrongzzz.