Thursday, July 06, 2017

More Clunkers Coming To Kansas City

Consumer warning and a reminder that locals have a penchant for buying junk from the toy train streetcar to failed electric car industry. Checkit:

Cars damaged in recent floods could end up on the market in Kansas City

Cars with flood damage are showing up at area used car lots and automotive shops. You could end up driving one home if you don't know what to look for. We learned you're less likely to find an older car with flood damage on used lots because the car might end up being worth less than the repairs.


Crazy Clown said...

Well stay off of 40 Hwy from Blueridge Blvd to Manchester then, theres been like 4 used car lots open up recently and appears their mostly selling well used junky looking auto's.

Naturally their all located in KCMO, on 40 Hwy,, Go Figure !!

Hurry on Down, NO CREDIT needed NO Problem, we finance anyone, ya' don't even need a Job !!

those types of phony car lots,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Cool as shit , now we can be having a new sled to noggin ass ride to the shit hole KILLA CITY plaza and the GROIDS new Nike outlet too get me an my hommies some new Nike boats ¡!

Anonymous said...

Clunkers are you talking the new streetcars the shitty just purchased?