Thursday, July 06, 2017

Kansas City River Market Parking Spike Rage

Kansas City's struggling magazine offers insight into last month's news of higher prices and ongoing KCMO development scheme to benefit the new gentry down by the river. Checkit:

You will have to pay for parking in the River Market soon

WIKIPEDIA There are drawbacks to success. It's like the Royals: when they're bad, tickets are cheap. It's nice! But watching nine innings of ground-outs against the Indians isn't many people's idea of a fun night out. When the Royals are good, tickets are expensive. But you got LoCain and Salvy out there doin' their thing.


Anonymous said...

The number one source of the parking problems is the refusal to charge for riding the streetcar. If there was a cost then all the downtown workers getting free parking and free rides to wrk will be cut in half. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

This is the same kind of scam as closing one of the terminals at the airport.
Force as many people and cars into a small space, make parking as inconvenient as possible, start charging for what used to be free, and then claim success and excitement at such "density", crowd size, and appearance of activities.
It's the backwards notion that inconvenience means that it's a busy busy place, even though the inconvenience is utterly contrived and unnecessary.
Disneyland on the plains.

Crazy Clown said...

BINGO' !!!!!

Lets 1st create a Problem that did NOT exist before in years past, then to SOLVE the problem that the Degenerate Liberals at KCMO City Hall created,,,, they'll fine YOU,, or,, as I call it, what it really boils down to is a Secretive hidden TAX !!!

another way of TAXING the citizens of KCMO & Missouri.

then when all this fails, like it always does and business drops off down there, the next thing to do, is come up with an illusionary problem of why businesses are failing and pulling out of that area, and WHY they need to pour more TAX Dollars into that area, so they can Raise your TAXES yet again to pay for the problem, they created.

Guess we won't see any Protests about any of this tho,,,,,,,,

as it doesn't involve race, or being a Gay/ queer, or the Min. Wage as that seems to be the only thing they protest about for attention.

Take a real serious issue, like CRIME, TAXES, and their totally out to lunch on the issue.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be another exercise in our city's famous circular logic. Make parking inconvenient because of a free streetcar without sufficient park and ride provisions, claim the inconvenient parking requires even more free streetcar investment, continue to avoid any logistical planning around it's use, and use the continuing downward spiral of inconvenience to justify more and more streetcar investment... wash, rinse, repeat.

Super Dave said...

I won't have to pay for parking at the River market, simple solution for me is I won't go there anymore. Sorry you few businesses I like to trade with but I won't be robbed by your city leaders.

Anonymous said...

I agree with super Dave. I don't go down there anymore. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Toy Train slush fund.

Anonymous said...

i live and work in Johnson County. Never go to Missouri. Inferior! Yuck!!!

Anonymous said...

The streetcar ruined the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

2:45 pm – you are right on! A $3 fare for the trolley would make a lot of those park and rides go away.

Anonymous said...

Parking meters will drive customers away from the local merchants. Instead of meters let’s take that TDD and build some free parking garages in the area. That works for the Plaza and would work for River Market.

Crazy Clown said...

Wonder if the Steamboat Arabia will be able to survive ?????

been a while since I been down there to see it !

Anonymous said...

Plaza is ruined now. City Market on the downside.
I've been to neither place in almost 15 years.

There's no safe place to shop, but online!!

Just HOW RICH did Sly get by totally ruining our city? Anybody know?