Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Kansas City Rain Reality Check: Flooding FAIL For Downtown Infrastructure

Blame MODot Or City Hall . . . The reality is that the so-called Downtown Renaissance has been hampered by basic upkeep of public resources. An example from earlier today:

Water rescue shuts down I-70 at Broadway

A motorist was hospitalized Tuesday morning during what firefighters called a high-water rescue that shut down westbound lanes of Interstate 70 near Broadway Boulevard in Kansas City, MO. Kansas City Fire Department responded around 8:30 a.m. to a water rescue call in which at least two vehicles were involved in a crash in high water.


Silverback Sly said...

Can you imagine going 65mph+ and hitting a glorified pond?

Anonymous said...

How many decades has a complete failure of KCMO to maintain much of anything, including any sort of serious storm water management program, been going on now?
These GO bonds will be long gone before there's any likelihood they'll get their feet wet.
The insiders standing in line at city hall already have come up with more than enough "projects" to spend a measly $800 million.
But keep those taxpayer bucks coming!
It's important.

Kim Jong Un said...

That is MODOt's problem, not KCMO ^^

Anonymous said...

We be liking shiny bling things not no stinkin infrastructure we be needin curb feelers and chrome an shit for da toy train

Crazy Clown said...

OMG !!

Holy SHIT,,,, what was there , like 2"inches of water !!!!

HELP I need a LIFE BOAT so my SOCKS don't get Wet !!

2 weeks later those same idiots are standing in a Lake knee deep / waist Deep, Fishing !!

Week before that they were in a public swimming pool chest deep,,,,

Yet somehow 2" 3" WATER constitutes a major Water Rescue, because their Socks might wet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,