Thursday, July 06, 2017

Kansas City Fed Judge Death Threat Jail Time

Consequences for illicit snail mail anger from a dude who is already locked up:

Seven years in prison for death threats to judges in Kansas City

A man was sentenced Thursday to seven years in prison for mailing death threats to three federal judges in Kansas City. Bruce DeWayne Jensen, 40, of Kansas City, mailed the letters from a federal penitentiary in Indiana where he was serving time for making similar threats.


Crazy Clown said...

So,,,,,, when do some of those JUDGES start serving time for catering & pandering to some of these Violent Criminals they turn loose out on the streets ???????? time and time again !!!!

Lotta those "Degenerate Liberal pathetic Judges" need to be sent to prison for threating our communities with illegals, and Terrorists they let roam in our communities & neighborhoods ,,,,,

Anonymous said...

^^^^^True but this was federal court where the judges give out real sentences. You are thinking of Jackson County Judges.

Anonymous said...

I'm with crazy clown. I'm more inclined to donate to their criminal defense for these people willing to take out judges. I dont feel bad for judges who are faced with these threats. I'm certain they are well earned.