Thursday, July 06, 2017


Another strike against Exec Frank White's Administration that hasn't had any luck fixing on ongoing and costly dilemma. Checkit:

Female guard injured by inmate in the Jackson County Detention Center

Bill Klinkhardt/KMBC SOURCE: Bill Klinkhardt/KMBC A female guard was taken to the hospital with injuries Thursday afternoon following an incident with an inmate in the Jackson County Detention Center. The Jackson County Sheriff's Office says that incident happened around noon inside the detention center. That guard became involved in an altercation with an inmate.


Anonymous said...

Frank White is worthless as a leader. Worth. Less.

Crazy Clown said...

BUT - BUT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Frank White was a Baseball player at 1 time so, he must know how to run a JAIL and the city ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Hey, Lyin' Sly James says so, its gotta be True,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

NOT !!!!!

KCMO & Jackson County upper officials staffed full of inept & incompetent public officials mainly at the TOP !!!

Anonymous said...

Get a gun!

Anonymous said...

Mr. White seems to have no shame he is where the buck stops and he is busy on trips out of state. Let him try living down there for a month.

Pay Your Child Support Predator said...

Are we sure that Caleb Clifford did not just use his usual approach for asking this lady for a date?

Your Tax Dollars At Work said...

Caleb is still writing checks drawn from taxpayer accounts payable to Todd Graves to conduct and "investigation" of the jail. Graves will get around to it just after he finds the "real killer" of O.J's ex-wife. (Does Caleb know yet that Graves only does investigations for PR value?)

Anonymous said...

Someone on Jean Peters Bakers' staff has far too much time on their hands.