Thursday, July 06, 2017

Coming Soon: Conversation About Killing Kansas City Urban Core Bus Routes

File this one under "asking dumb questions" about limiting access in order to aid upscale development. Here's the rundown . . .

KCATA proposes bus route changes, asks for public opinion

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Thousands of people in the Kansas City metro take the bus to and from work each day, but soon some of those routes could be changing. There are 19 changes proposed by the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, but it wants you to weigh in first.


Anonymous said...

They need to stop running empty buses all day. I see the big buses come through with only the driver on board. Do a study of when and where riders use the bus system. Then tailor the service to meet the demand.

Crazy Clown said...

OMG,,, More killing , now their murdering those poor buses !!

That should be criminal, killing those buses

Damn you Sly James,,, you causing this , don't lie to me boy !!!!!

Anonymous said...

At least when nobody is on a bus there is nobody knifing anyone, as frequently happens in the colored district.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Kansas City is paying $11.9 million for two more streetcars, which would be enough to buy nearly 30 buses with plush seats, on-board wifi, and other amenities, or at least 15 double-decker buses.

Anonymous said...

Who rides the busses? Niggers. Run them in black areas. Oh, there all black areas.

Anonymous said...

Now, imagine what will have to happen if they decide, in the future, that the streetcar route is not optimal and would better serve the populace in a different location. A few billion dollars later and the change will be made.

1920's technology will yield 1920's results. I'm still amazed that 50 years after we figured out that fixed rail was drastically inefficient and inflexible (in KC) when compared to buses and made the right choice to modernize our system, a city government desperate to doll out the graft and a few dozen hipsters desperate to be edgy has dragged us back to where we started.

Anonymous said...

Why does city hall always copy what other cities do, does anyone at city hall have an actual thought that doesn't involve what everybody else has already done......... nope!

Anonymous said...

11:33pm makes a good point, and if you've ever tried to have a conversation with most of the council members in KCMO you'd find out why that is.
Most of them don't see themselves as elected public officials who ran for office to contribute to their community by serving in city government.
They view themselves as D-list celebrity wannabe politicos who are mostly looking at what they can run for next, think that people are interested in their views of issues that they have nothing to do with and can do nothing about, bask in the reflected glory of their big corporate and wealthy campaign contributors, and hold "town hall meetings" where they make believe the views of the public actually count.
They really have little understanding and appreciation of municipal public policy and actually very little interest in it.
So there's very little oversight or accountability for city services.
When you have electeds who are basically empty vessels like this, you have a bonanza for salesmen of pretty much any ideas, products, consulting services, or anything else.
These folks are just there sitting on a budget of over $1 billion just waiting for someone to give them ideas of how to spend all that money.
Check out the lines outside the council offices on the 22nd floor of 12th and Oak.
Where do you think the streetcar, smart city, anti-crime nonprofits, and all the rest came from?