Saturday, July 01, 2017

Columnist Steve Rose Reveals Kansas SecState Kobach Playbook For Guv

He doesn't seem impressed but the partisan rhetoric and standard GOP talking points might actually save this politico from himself in this contest among the bland leading the bland:

Steve Rose: Rep. Kevin Yoder's secret weapon is Nancy Pelosi

Kevin Yoder has a secret weapon. I have seen it - or rather heard it - firsthand many times. The congressman from the 3rd District of Kansas - mostly Johnson and Wyandotte counties - has wielded it primarily to keep moderate Republicans like myself from straying too far left.


Anonymous said...

"Columnist Steve Rose Reveals Kansas SecState Kobach Playbook For Guv"
Funny, nowhere in that piece did I see Kkkris Kkkobachs name. Misleading headline = FAKE NEWS!!!

chuck said...

Steve Rose says that Yoder never misses an opportunity to mention Pelosi's name when discussing national politics.

Well no shit Sherlock.

Pelosi WOULD be glad to see the "bill" fail and she IS the Democrat in charge with C. Schlimer.

Rose's politics are no surprise, he was born into the lace, pecuniarily insouciant by way of birth and blood as opposed to sweat and effort. He is an elite who is sure his vision, which is actually Progressive with an occasional nod to centrist economic policy, is a panacea for the middle class he only knows when a contractor comes over to fix his plumbing.


Super Dave said...

Actually chuck Steve wasn't born into money. Stan made all his money later on working his ass off then Steve came along and destroyed all that Stan and Shirley worked at building.