Thursday, July 06, 2017

Clay Chastain Talks Transit Vote This Week

Here's a guide to the conversation about an upcoming vote and the latest effort from Kansas City's most prolific petitioner. Checkit:

On Friday at 10:00 AM at Union Station Clay Chastain will discuss (and take questions) on revolutionary transit plan (Ballot Question #2) to transform Kansas City into a..."more green, prosperous and transit-oriented city."

Clay Chastain: Media handout for kcmo ballot question #2...
Proposal to build an all electric-public transportation system
For a more green, prosperous and transit-oriented kansas city


*25- mile citywide "Rapid rail system" (running in "Transit greenways" separated from traffic and at speeds up to 45 mph) with direct service to...Central northland, downtown, old northeast, union station, eastside, midtown, the plaza /umkc cultural district, the kansas city zoo, and the stadium complex where the rapid rail system will connect to the rock island rail right-of-way that leads to lee's summit.

* rapid express electric bus system expands service area from rail terminus to more outlying destinations including...Kansas city international airport, cerner at bannister, brookside, waldo and south kansas city.

* electric shuttle bus system carrys passengers from surrounding neighborhoods to and from rail stations.

* "Transit greenways" are new grass / tree-lined rapid rail thoroughfares (auto free) that utilize dedicated city streets (main street, broadway, penn vally drive, troost, linwood boulevard, etc.), medians of city boulevards (meyer, volker), and city park land (swope park and penn valley park) and also incorporate flanking bicycle lanes and pedestrian walking paths enabling transit users to access intermediate destinations along rail route (in between rail station stops).

Estimated total project capital construction costs and revenues:

$1.2 billion, paid for by 3/8-cent sales tax for 25-years and federal funding

Federal funding:

$1.0 billion federal contribution from the new trillion dollar infrastructure bill

Notes of explanation:

1. "Rapid rail system" is a hybrid (or cross) between a light rail system and a streetcar system that is less costly then light rail and more useful than streetcars.

2. The city will have to build the transit system outlined above (see city ordinance no. 170042), if approved by voters, even though the city's dishonest and misleading ballot language suggests something quite different.


Northlander said...

Why doesn't he do this in his home town where he lives' ?'
Downtown taxes are over 10% and the property taxs keep going up with the movement of the streetcars, count in the high water/sewer taxes [15% per year ] and it may be a down fall for KC .

Anonymous said...

Is there a volunteer website to help clay? His is the only plan ever passed and he deserves support.

Anonymous said...

I'm all taxed out, I'm sure his plan is the best plan out there but I gots no more to give!

Anonymous said...

Not to mention his tactics for this plan are the same as what the City has used. Put it on the ballot, and keep doing so until enough people vote for it because they're tired of seeing it up there.

Anonymous said...

Talk about downtown redevelopment that has benefited from tax-increment financing before the toy train was even an idea in Russ Johnsons head.

Close with... the goal is to spend someone else’s money without oversight, which is why the Kansas City streetcar is a great success.

Anonymous said...

Give it up Clay. Admit that the City outplayed you (no matter how underhanded their tactics were), and go home and enjoy your golden years. Hell, they stooped so low as to try and frame you for rape. At some point, you'll have lost so much trying to prove you're right that you end up losing, even if you win.

Anonymous said...

Clay is what makes this a FIRST CLASS CITY. Every metro has a couple of whacked out people who talk vision and vibrancy. If KC had a Pershing Square like L.A. Clay would never go home.

Northlander said...

Just what we need more streetcars blocking tdraffic. Clay has been talking the same old same old for 15 years , go back home clay .

Northlander said...

If you take the $100,000 and divide it by the 750 people who voted for the streetcars the cost per person is about $133,333 so don't tell me it won't be long before property tax go up more . There is no free ride, but the out of town people get one .

Northlander said...

Sorry that's $100 million for the $133,333 per person . not 100 thousand.