Thursday, July 06, 2017

Celebrate City Hall Subsidized Kansas City Upscale River Market Renaissance?!?!

Here's a look at taxpayers on the hook for more amenities that will benefit the toy train streetcar line and nearby condo and loft dwellers. Take a look:

Sweeping River Market Redevelopment Calls For New Apartments And Parking Garage

City officials are working with a private developer to make the River Market an even more urban, mixed-use area by replacing three parking lots with a 400-space garage, and two apartment projects totaling more than 160 units.


Anonymous said...

All this is doing is making the horrid parking/driving situation in the River Market worse. if these fools think people will shop or dine the River Market at $1 an hour if they have to pay to park they are kidding themselves. This project will kill the River Market off for good.

Anonymous said...

No it won't simp. When was the last time you ever went anywhere or did anything?

Anonymous said...

I work in the River Market so I am here everyday. I avoid this place like the plague on weekends. It may be busy during the weekends but the restaurants here are struggling during the week. They have lost half of their business because no one has a place to park when they get here. I have asked some of the restaurant owners what they thing charging for parking will do to their weekday lunch business. They are very afraid it will dry up.

Anonymous said...

Commenter at 3:30pm is correct !!!

BINGO' strikes again !!!

Back to my earlier comments on TAXES in previous posts !!!

KCMO City Hall Degenerate Liberals, create the PROBLEM, on purpose, that is their intent.

Then when those businesses fail and start closing up and MOVING OUT and the area goes to hell, the very same Degenerate Liberal idiots at KCMO City Hall (Sly James & Staff), will want to pump more of your TAX DOLLARS into yet another Failed venture they have in mind.

They'll want to fund that new illusionary venture by RAISING your TAXES and creating NEW TAXES to pay for it.

Remember tho, there was nothing really wrong with it to begin with,,, until,,, Sly James and Commie company came along and basically Fuck'ered it all up , as usual !!

Next up and kinda happening already, is the MASS exodus of citizens and businesses Leaving / vacating , pulling out of KCMO as Kansas City Missouri turns into the Violent South Bronx, like in the 1970's & 1980's era's.

OK ~ everybody say Thank You, Mayor Sly James & Company located at KCMO City Hall, their the ones responsible for creating the wonderful NEW Violent Crime arena, you'll soon enjoy !!!