Friday, July 07, 2017

Baby Killing Enthusiasts Rage Over Pro-Life Kansas City Royals Adverts

We talked about this last month and now public radio is confusing terms and offering a platform for abortion enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, here's a reminder that not even the K provides respite from the culture war:

Royals' Advertising Relationship With Anti-Abortion Group Raises Questions

An online petition protesting the Kansas City Royals' relationship with an anti-abortion group has drawn thousands of signatures and raised questions about whether the team is endorsing the group's views. Royals officials say the team takes no position on "culturally sensitive issues."


Anonymous said...

Ultraviolet is a bunch of fat ugly lesbians that absolutely nobody would ever fuck, and the have zero chance of getting knocked up. They just want to cause trouble because they rightfully hate themselves so much.

Planned Parenthood is motivated by profit they make selling dead baby parts.

Anonymous said...

When the libtards go against the status quo it is their right to do so. Let someone else do the same thing and they are labeled by those silly little libtard fucks. Abortion activists are a prime example of what happens when dizzy broads are given power with no accountability.

Anonymous said...

The Royals are selling commercials. I am sure that if Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, or Occupy Wall Street wanted to purchase spots, they could buy them. Vitae has been at it for over 20 years and has advertised on the Mizzou sports network for years. They have the funds to buy commercials and have developed some very appealing and sophisticated ones. That takes time, money, and experience. Fortunately, the losers that protest the commercials do not.