Thursday, June 22, 2017

UMKC Kangaroos Talk Toy Train Part Deux

Excellent student reporting by way of the City College . . . TKC Readers tell us: This article in the University Newspaper was fair and balanced. The student journalist covered both sides of the streetcar discussion and even mentioned this, "These constraints make some wonder if there could a better way to spend 227 million dollars on already existing public transportation services."

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Streetcar Expansion Aimed at UMKC Students

What does it take to get city renovations up and running? The answer is public support and money. The problem is that not everyone is able or willing to pay the costs of renovating a deteriorating infrastructure from the ground up.


Anonymous said...

Are they too entitled to ride the bus?

Anonymous said...

A generation of pussies.

Anonymous said...

KC Star needs to send their reporters there so they can learn about fair and honest reporting.

Anonymous said...

Toyyyy Train to NO WHERE worth a Shit !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey I have an idea? How about theater on the train. Problems Solved!