Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Jackson County was forced to announce 4th Of July disappointment but the headlines didn't really capture the reality of the crisis behind the scenes.

Sure, officials acknowledge that budget concerns were part of the problem but courthouse denizens suggest this is a symptom of something far worse.

Insider word sent our way:

"This is just another another sign that County Executive Frank White has zero legislative ability. There have been budget constraints before but this display is a partnership with local business and we've always worked diligently to find the money. Canceling it two weeks before the event is an amateur move and shows how dire the situation is thanks to the mismanaged jail . . . A lot of constituents are going to be angered by this last minute announcement and the sloppy way it was handled."

The County fireworks display was a bragging point of the White Administration last year, so this time around this absence of the celebration is certain to come as a PR hit.

We'll have more on the topic for the morning update . . . But for now, it's enough to report that insiders watching this disaster are starting to see the highly touted public image of Exec Frank White starting to fizzle.


KSHB: County calls off Longview Lake fireworks show

KCTV5: Jackson County officials cancel annual Fourth of July fireworks show at Longview Lake

KMBC: Jackson County cancels massive Fourth of July Fireworks show

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Better title: Frank is out of his league.

Anonymous said...

This was cancelled months ago. You don't call up a pyrotechnic producer less than a month before the Fourth of July.

Notice posted on the Parks page where few look on a daily basis.

I get a nice display out my window from the amateurs

da' man said...

Tony, you don't have an original idea in your entire head.

Your whole blog is a series of repeats--repeats of your own comments about "deets" and "TOLD YOU SO" and you copy and paste from every other legitimate news source in this metropolitan area, including The Kansas City Star, which you trash, and then you post pics of scantily clad your women and how and why and self-respecting female attorney in this town would or does consider you a friend is mind-boggling but here, with all that, are you.

God help us.

The copy and paste, sensationalist, yellow journalism, hate Kansas City king.

If someone gets shot or killed, you're thrilled.

Steve Hanson said...

Meanwhile,as the liberals spout their supposed mental superiority over the likes of us who voted in a conservative government in Kansas, they will be doing so at the same time they are watching fireworks explode over Johnson county. Although, there are plenty of abandoned business parking lots in Jackson County to shoot fireworks from.

Anonymous said...

JACO should have plenty of money. They just jacked up everyone's property taxes. Maybe they gave Tindall a raise and that shot the budget.

Anonymous said...

Seen da'man commenting here for at least five years. If he really hated it that much then he wouldn't be reading @9:22 on a Wednesday night. You might hate TKC, but you're also addicted to it. Sorry dude.

Anonymous said...

Steve makes a good point. We never hear that this is the result of Democratic Party mismanagement. Maybe it's time to think about new leaders in Jackson County instead of old ball players and the usual suspects.

DMZ said...

When we talk about fireworks, are we counting all of the gunfire that is heard all around the city every night?

Anonymous said...

They never ordered the fireworks months ago when they should have. They knew they were not going to have the event, they just never told anyone.

Anonymous said...

The local neanderthals are upset this entertainment will not be happening.

Anonymous said...

Frank White needs to stick to baseball, he is a failure at Politics.