Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Kansas City Tuesday Midday Look

Kelly hottie shows us pr0n star friendship as we check some of the top local links for right now . . .

Kansas City War Stories

KCPD officer recounts 20 years on the streets

Kansas City Police Officer Todd Stoker has been on the force for 20 years. He knows what it is like to put his life on the line for strangers, though he prefers to diffuse violent situations. His 6 foot 4 inch, 320 pound frame may assist in calming people down.

Kansas TrumpCare Cruelty???

Kansans With Disabilities Fearful Of Obamacare Replacement Bill

Disability rights advocates are among the strongest opponents of the Obamacare replacement legislation that Republicans are attempting to push through Congress. If anything resembling the bill that the U.S. House approved in May or the one the Senate now is considering passes, they say it will roll back decades of progress.

Local Creative Class Garden

Take Heed, All Who Enter: Artist Attempts To Make Missouri's Powell Gardens 'Unearthly'

A scene of vegetable carnage awaits visitors at Powell Gardens this summer - goblins raiding a patch of squash and onions in the Heartland Harvest Garden, and other mythological beasts rampaging through plots of edible plants. It's exactly what artist Kendall R. Hart was aiming for when he designed the "Gardens of Myth" exhibit.

Big Bucks For Shawnee School Dude

Shawnee Mission school board approves $34,000 raise for interim superintendent

The Shawnee Mission school board approved a $34,500 raise Monday for the deputy superintendent it tapped to helm the district as school officials prepare to seek new leadership following Superintendent Jim Hinson's retirement on June 30.

Celebrate More KCMO Hipster Booze News

Tap List | iTap Has Arrived in The Crossroads

New taphouse iTap (1801 Oak) quietly opened last weekend. Managed by Jon Whitaker, the latest location of the St. Louis-based chain offers 56 taps and 500 different beers in its refrigerated coolers. Beer is also available for sale to go. The spacious interior features colorful murals, widescreen televisions, and a private room that can be rented for special events.

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Byron Funkhouser said...

Why $34,000? Why not $33,000 or $35,000?

Are these people on drugs?

Surely, you can be more out of touch than this.

Anonymous said...

^^^ This by someone who is severely out of touch.

Anonymous said...

TOP PHOTO -- Fly Like An Eagle

When the MILF sisters decided to sponsor a Boy Scout troop, the most coveted merit badges were motorboating and woodwork!!!