Friday, June 30, 2017

The Kansas City Soggy Friday Start

Vanessa hotness starts this soggy Friday morning as we check some of the top local links to start the day. Checkit:

This Old KCMO Urban Core House

Neighbors Help Rebuild Iconic Scarritt House In Historic Northeast Kansas City

Nothing could have prepared Susan Sommers and Larry Roeder for what they saw when they arrived at the scene of their Northeast Kansas City renovation project on September 19 of last year. It hadn't even been a full day since the couple had returned to their home in Hiawatha, Kansas, after spending the weekend working on the 1888 William Chick Scarritt home.

Meth Town Police Chase Crash

UPDATE: Several hurt following wreck after suspects flee from police in Independence

Multiple people are hurt following a wreck in Independence. Independence police dispatch say the wreck happened during a police pursuit at East 39th Street and 291 Highway. According to a press release, felony shoplifting suspects fled from officers. Suspects were taken into custody. Police added that 'several' people were taken to area hospitals.

Well Deserved KCPD Tribute

Kansas City police officers honored for bravery in the line of duty

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Thursday was a big night for dozens of Kansas City police officers. Family and friends call the police officers honored courageous, every day heroes. "Every day is different. Every day is a new experience," said Officer Belkis Cisneros.

Local MIA Legacy

Listed as MIA for 50 years, Air Force pilot from Kansas City laid to rest in Arlington

A Kansas City serviceman's remains have finally been laid to rest in the U.S., 50 years after he went missing during the Vietnam War. Air Force Colonel Patrick Wood was piloting a helicopter over North Vietnam in February of 1967 when enemy fire brought it down.

McTavish Makes Weekend Plans

6 Colorful Things To Do In Kansas City This Weekend

Whatever hue you may be, being colorful is a whole other thing. Offering colorful guidance this weekend are activities promoting the exciting, the interesting and the unusual, from sparkling Fourth of July fireworks to the attitude-drenched stage debut of a famously animated cat. What if you don't need assistance being colorful?

Imagine Dragons - Thunder is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


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At least Northeast cares about people who restore the old homes, unlike Hyde Park!

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Move out

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fuck the kansas city police