Saturday, June 03, 2017

The Kansas City Saturday Morning Look

Sammy hotness starts this weekend look at some of the top Kansas City mainstream media links for right now. Checkit:

Tribute After Hate Crime

Friend organizes cricket tournament for Olathe shooting victim

OLATHE, Kan. - A friend of Srinivas Kuchibhotla plans to hold a cricket tournament in June to honor the victim of an alleged hate crime shooting. The shooting happened at Austins Bar & Grill near 151st Street & Mur-Len Road on February 22 and claimed the life of Kuchibhotla while injuring two others.

Naming Kansas City Dead

Kansas City police identify woman found dead in Waldo park

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two walkers in Waldo's Tower Park discovered the body of a woman inside a car Friday. It's the latest death in one of the city's public green spaces. Kansas City police identified the victim as 25-year-old Destiny Weaver of Kansas City, and this case is a homicide.

Newsflash: Companies Want KCI Biz

Kansas City's timeline for KCI offers has competitors scrambling to assemble a deal

Engineering firms and financiers considering whether to put forth a proposal for a single terminal at KCI are weighing their options and measuring how they would stack up against Burns & McDonnell. Locally, HNTB, a prominent architecture and engineering firm with a history of work on KCI and other aviation projects, confirmed to The Star it is interested in the KCI project.

Local Homicide Testimony

KC murder victim's mom tells convicted men they stole her heart, works to help other grieving mothers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Her 6-year-old daughter was murdered at a metro gas station. Only on 4, A Kansas City mother talks about reaching justice for Angel Hooper and her fight to help other grieving mothers. To anyone who knew her, she was an angel on earth, her name fit her.

Kansas City Home Team Winning

Vargas goes the distance in Royals' 4-0 win over Indians | FOX Sports

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Jason Vargas tossed his first shutout in nearly three years Friday night, outdueling Royals nemesis Josh Tomlin and sending Kansas City to a 4-0 victory over the Cleveland Indians. Vargas (7-3) allowed seven hits over the first six innings but deftly induced double plays in four of them to escape the trouble.

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