Wednesday, June 07, 2017

The Kansas City New Airport Double Take

Quick double take on recent opinion that's worth a second look:

Old School Kansas City Opinion

Former KC mayor says airport hasn't kept up with times

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Charles Wheeler was Kansas City mayor when Kansas City International Airport was built back in 1972. "Well, it was a wonderful airport. That's why people love it so much," Wheeler said. But some, like Wheeler and one of the original architects of the airport, Clarence Kivett, don't think KCI has kept up with the times.

Council Against Rush Job

Guest commentary from Teresa Loar: Why the rush to build a new single terminal at KCI airport?

I want to be perfectly clear: As an elected council member, I stand with the residents of Kansas City. The voters speak through the ballot box. They are my employer. I work for them. I will support them 100 percent with whatever solution they choose for Kansas City International Airport.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

The reason the airport "hasn't kept up with the times" is because the guy "managing" it ignored basic maintenance or any improvements and let it fall apart so that he could campaign to be in charge of a BIG NEW THING and have something to brag about when he attended conventions of other airport managers around the country.
Pretty much the same governing and managing philosophy as Sly James.
Ignore the people who live here and pay the bills and create a fantasy world to try to sell people who don't know any better.
Then go find or run for your next job.
Works for them!
How about you?

Anonymous said...

I was around when Wheeler was Mayor, and he too had piss poor leadership of KCMO.

Back then the real news media called him out constantly on it too, NOT LIKE TODAY, WHERE THE NEWS MEDIA , helps hide facts and truth from the citizens and fabricate bullshit news !

Thankfully, we've got TONYS KC to keep everybody little more informed then the local Fake news media !!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, cause 43 years is a "rush"

Anonymous said...

Looks like Burns & Mac bought a former mayor too.

Anonymous said...

Wheeler couldn't "keep up" with his house payments either. Why are we listening to him?

Anonymous said...

Most politicians are about as financially literate as an NFL football player. But once in the game they usually find a way to keep themselves afloat. Wheeler outlived his ability to earn a living off the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Just hope that Charlie doesn't suggest his World's Fair idea to Sly.
What a way to burn through all that $800 million in cash in a hurry!

Anonymous said...

yeah, the deferred maintenance and deliberate short-changing of behind-security bathrooms are part of the clever campaign to make kci seem outdated.

even with those faults, kci is still the most convenient airports that this frequent traveler is familiar with.

Anonymous said...

The convenience of MCI isn't simply the ease of drop-off. It's also more convenient than many modern European airports as far as baggage claim (or re-claim as the British say). You don't have to walk down miles of corridor or go to another level. There's also no need for the moving sidewalks that most airports have.

Anonymous said...

I've been at MCI at 9:00 at night and it's dead. All airlines' check-ins were closed and dark. Shops were closed and locked. Even went by a totally dark bar. I guess Sly thinks if he builds a new airport miracles will happen. Not only will it be bustling with passengers but shops will be open and doing business along with many new shops and eating places. All who believe in "if we build it, they will come" stand up and cheer.