Monday, June 19, 2017

The Kansas City Monday First Look

Let's start things out with classic Candice and see where we go from there . . .

Rural Kansas City Concern

Governing Happens Close To The People In The Small Missouri Town Of Orrick

Things are running pretty smoothly the first monday of the month of May during the city council in Orrick, Missouri. Roger Thomas is the mayor of the town, population 799, just northeast of Kansas City. Topping the agenda is addressing the water collecting behind Nathan Claypole's house.

After Storm Cleanup Continues

KCP&L battling downed trees, damaged lines to restore power to thousands

As of Sunday night, thousands of people were still without power across the Kansas City area after storms rolled through Friday and Saturday. KCP&L crews are working 16 hour days and are sending for more help to work to restore power to those struggling in the heat of the summer.

The Kansas City Cool Down

Cold front bringing cooler, drier air for Monday


Hipsters Rock In The Rain

Boulevardia headliners Guster rock out with fans in parking garage after storms roll in

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Boulevardia got washed out due to Saturday night's storms, but that didn't stop headlining band Guster from entertaining their fans. But the show must go on. When festival goers were moved into a parking garage after the lightning arrived, the band simply moved their gear and rocked out in the garage.

Dead-Tree Traffic Journalism

Editorial: End the aggravation of out-of-sync traffic lights

The problem. With driving. On too many major Kansas City roadways. Is that. You've got to stop. For traffic lights. Often. Sometimes three or four in a row. It's a pain, sort of like reading this paragraph. Start, stop, Start, stop. It can drive you crazy.

KC Footballer Tribute???

Kansas City Chiefs: Eric Berry should be top name on NFL 100

Every year, the NFL Network scours the league for opinions on who the best players in the game are. Depending on where your favorite players are ranked, you probably either love this list or think it's stupid. However, it is still a big honor for a player to be recognized like this by their peers.

Are The Royals For Realz???

Real or not? Royals are contenders, Nolan Arenado helps MVP case

12:19 AM ET David SchoenfieldESPN Senior Writer Close Senior writer of SweetSpot baseball blog Former deputy editor of Page 2 Been with since 1995 Everyone wants to trade all the Kansas City Royals: Mike Moustakas to the Boston Red Sox, Kelvin Herrera to the Washington Nationals, Eric Hosmer to the New York Yankees, Lorenzo Cain maybe to the Los Angeles Dodgers, Jason Vargas to anywhere.

Kodak Black - First Day Out is the song for the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


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