Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Show-Me Real I.D. Progress Whilst Missouri Tax Refunds Remain Missing In Action

Missouri GOP abandon their objections to spy tech now that Prez Obama is out of office but the abortion special session still hasn't managed to deliver those checks on which so many Missouri residents rely . . . Read more:

Unpaid income tax refunds draws rebuke from state auditor

State Auditor Nicole Galloway says the Missouri Department of Revenue needs to do more to address complaints about unpaid income tax refunds. She says taxpayers are understandably frustrated that they haven't received the refunds and can't find out when they'll be paid.

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Anonymous said...

Heads should be made to roll on this NOW! There are statutory time limits in our State register, ADHERE to them. The effing State threatened me with all sorts of fines and penalties over a $0.54 bill due. I kid you not. I'd rounded down on several lines and came up a small fraction short. They decided to re-calc and sent a letter with all sorts of threats if it wasn't paid. Yes, I wrote a check for less than a single eff'ing dollar.