Thursday, June 01, 2017

Show-Me Missouri Confederate Landmarks

Public radio is re-fighting the civil war for #TBT . . .

Confederate Monuments In Missouri: How To Remember The Losers

As Confederate monuments come down in New Orleans, people in other states across the country are considering similar memorials in their own backyards. On


Anonymous said...

Remember Osceola!!!!

Take down any of General Sherman too.

And remember generals of the Union army owned slaves after Lee surrendered.

Lee and Jackson freed their slaves before taking their commissions in the Army of Northern Virginia.

No talk of that flag being heritage and not hate. That's a battle flag and an insult and provocation.

Fly the Bonnie Blue or the real flag of the Confederacy.

Anonymous said...

Washington, Jefferson, and Madison all owned slaves. Are their monuments coming down too?

Anonymous said...

REMEMBER THE MISSOURI COMPROMISE... and keep your hands off my heritage..