Monday, June 26, 2017

Rolling With The KCMO News Link Comeback


Rosie hotness reminds us that international hotties rule the media landscape and inspires this round-up of all the afternoon drama right now. Here's a look at how we roll with early evening news. Checkit:

Kansas City Development Hard Times

Contractor sues developer of $60M River Market apartment project - Kansas City Business Journal

More than two years ago, developer Jonathan Arnold won a property tax abatement for his $60 million, 276-unit Second and Delaware apartment project in the River Market. A few months later, Arnold Development Group LLC announced that work would begin soon on the project, which called for 16-inch-thick concrete walls and other green features to slash energy costs.

Golden Ghetto Crackdown Coming Soon

Overland Park Police cracking down on drag racers this summer

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - This past weekend alone, officers responded to nearly 100 calls of drag racing and reckless driving. Julie Jost is an Overland Park mother of two young drivers. She's concerned about the drag racing and reckless driving she sees in her community. "It makes me angry," said Jost.

Plaza Busted Infrastructure Flood

Neighbors complain water from water main break west of Plaza is making its way into their homes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Just west of the Plaza a water main break is creating a front yard fountain at the corner of 49th and Mercier Monday. Water crews were on scene as of noon trying to shut it off. There is no word on when repairs will wrap up.

Rock Chalk School Money Waiting Game

Kansas Legislature Ends Session But Awaits Court Decision On School Funding

Kansas lawmakers met briefly Monday for the ceremonial end of the legislative session. They considered overriding some vetoes issued by Gov. Sam Brownback but ultimately took no action. Republican Senate President Susan Wagle ended that chamber's meeting quickly because she said some lawmakers were gone and overrides simply weren't going to be possible.

Kansas City Extra Crunchy: Plaza Mexican Food Reopen After Roach Trouble

Zocalo restaurant to reopen Tuesday after roaches cause weekend closure

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- After the Kansas City Health Department closed Mexican restaurant Zocalo due to a roach infestation, the restaurant said it will be reopening its doors Tuesday. The Health Department confirmed Monday that the Plaza restaurant has dealt with the issue and will open for business.

Show-Me MSNBC Future

What's next for Missouri Democratic darling Jason Kander?

Missouri Democrat Jason Kander spent last week knocking on voters' doors, shaking hands, giving speeches and snapping selfies with eager young campaign volunteers. In Georgia. He was in Atlanta on the last leg of a cross-country tour, the sort that tells the political cognoscenti that this is an up-and-comer to be watched closely.

Kansas City Politico Watering Hole Switch

Mike's Tavern on Troost has closed; Brady's Public House will soon open in the location

The twin forces of Troost gentrification and UMKC expansion arrived last month, inevitably, at 5424 Troost, home to the beloved brick box known for the last 50 years as Mike's Tavern. The place closed not long after classes let out.

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Learned a lot from all this. Thank you!

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The River Market apartment project looks a lot like a jail.
Maybe it will be the answer to Frank White's problems.
Someone should tell him as soon as he gets back from his Canadian junket.
Maybe the FBI will help.

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TOP PHOTO -- Slot Opening

Rosie was assigned to the Reference Library because of her reputation for facts and figures!!!

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Kander = Ossoff = losing = winning