Thursday, June 15, 2017

Progressives Rage Against Kansas Guv Pro-Life Democratic Party Hopeful???

Kansas Democrats refuse to move to the middle amid Prez Trump tidal wave . . . The write-up is one of many examples:

Anti-Choice Kansas Democrat Enters Gubernatorial Fray - Rewire

An anti-choice Democrat in Kansas is running for governor in the party's first contested gubernatorial primary in two decades, further threatening abortion rights in a state where lawmakers have decimated access to the procedure. Former Kansas legislator Josh Svaty supported the "Unborn Victims of Violence Act," which defines life beginning at fertilization.


Byron Funkhouser said...

Pro-life equals anti-choice.

Yet another man, who has decided that women shouldn't have access to safe & legal abortions.

It's easy for men to be anti-choice & take some pompous high ground, since they are NEVER faced with an unwanted pregnancy.

It's a choice, that they don't have to consider.

Pro-choice equals freedom, anti-choice equals tyranny.

Reality said...

Women always have a choice. They make that choice when they decide to have sex. They make that choice when they decide to use birth control.
After they are pregnant, the choosing time is over, they are mothers.

Please don't lecture me about rape or incest which happens in less than .01% of abortions.

Stop excusing baby killing by calling it something else.

Anonymous said...

Almost all Western European countries restrict abortion after the first trimester, Funkhouser. Must have a bunch of angry conservatives there, huh?