Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Pitch Celebrates Kansas City Hipster Summer

The fading local magazine offers an EPIC listicle amid tough times for residents and partisan debate. Checkit:

Summer Guide 2017: The Pitch's list of hot-weather musts

Summer, in all its mosquito-buzzed, sweat-soaked glory, is finally here. Three months of barbecues, patio drinking and pool dips also brings music festivals, outdoor movies, sporting events, offbeat shopping and the occasional celestial thrill.


Anonymous said...

It's obvious sly James doesn't want conservatives in his city, so have summer fun somewhere else this summer. There's just as much to do in the burbs, maybe more and you don't have to worry about hate crimes, brought to you by Sly James, oh and watch what you say, if it doesn't agree with Sly he will slap you down with his bullhorn.

Don't forget to tell your favorite business to move out of Sly's K.C.
Lots of fresh markets other than downtown K.C.

Anonymous said...

The Pitch is irrelevant