Friday, June 30, 2017

Newsies Fear Kobach Voter Fraud Crackdown

Kansas declined to partake in the effort . . . But the Pitch laments Missouri participation:

Missouri is gonna go ahead and give your personal information to Trump's creepy, Kobach-led voting commission

On Wednesday, every secretary of state in the country received a letter from Kris Kobach asking them to send all publicly available voter data -- full names, addresses, dates of birth, political party, last four digits of Social Security numbers, elections voted in since 2006 -- to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, a Trump-created commission that Kobach heads up.


Anonymous said...

Pitch should change their name to "Pravda on the Plains".

Anonymous said...

Our great President Trump should sign a new executive order mandating that all stats must comply , or lose Federal funding for MANY of the worthless douchebag LIBERAL Democrat Snowflake inbred programs ! Much what like is going to happen to those LIBERAL BITCH TRANNY sanctuary City dumps ¡!

Anonymous said...

Beats the shit out of that illegal gun owner registry the libtards were setting up with personal information they were handing the ATF.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like hearing Trump-lovin' conservative libertariantards OK with their personal data being sent to the Federal government for a dubious witch hunt led by a non-talent like Chris Kobach. Especially since Kobach's own home state isn't participating.

Even Kobach admits all this may prove nothing.

Pass the popcorn!

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:55 We don't like this either, but It's people like YOU who caused it.

Anonymous said...

Another Democratic plan to block the truth at all costs. If they have any hope of electing a single dog catcher at mid terms they have to be allowed to register as many illegals as they can least twice over.