Thursday, June 22, 2017

Newsflash: Downtown Kansas City Convention Hotel Financing Deets Kept Secret

The push for a public vote on this sketchy proposal continues as critics are proven correct about the lack of transparency and the newspaper admits it's mostly just reporting press release copy. Checkit:

Loews deal with KC convention hotel developers was kept quiet until Wednesday

Kansas City Council members gave final approval to the downtown convention hotel plan before a deal was signed for Loews to become an equity partner and replace Hyatt as the hotel operator. As far as the council knew, Hyatt was still involved.


Anonymous said...

Kept quiet? That Hyatt backed out. Here in KCMO?

Who'd a thunk it!

Anonymous said...

Those dumbasses can't keep a secret. TKC I watching.

Anonymous said...

Its SECRET because they plan on STEALING Public TAX Money to finance part of the hotel as well as executive salaries

Dat's why its SECRET !!!!

Anonymous said...

Sly sacrificed the personality of KCMO and the quality of life for its residents in exchange for his own personal self-importance and ambitions and his endless travels around the country trying to convince people that KC was something that it was not and will never become.
Most of the subsidized ".
projects" aren't financially sustainable and will go bust one after another and then the public will begin to find out just how much on the hook the taxpayers really are.
And new trends and fads will arise and the next round of KCMO elected bozos will chase those and allow what's already been built by the city to fall down, just like past councils have done.
Without and vision or sense of purpose KCMO just lurches from one fad to the next with the attention span of a gnat.
Sad to watch, but at least for the over 84% of the metro residents who don't live in KCMO, not on their dime.

Anonymous said...

No real secret! In the end the tax payers get screwed.