Thursday, June 22, 2017

LGBT EPIC Coming Soon To Kansas City

Just a bit of promo for a triple minority movie with a powerful message. Take a look:

A Queer, Undocumented, Rural American Tells His Story At Kansas City's LGBT Film Festival

Queer kids in rural America know what it's like to grow up scared. Moises Serrano grew up in Yadkinville, North Carolina, population just under 3,000, about half an hour west of Winston-Salem. He wasn't just gay. His parents brought him across the border from Mexico when he was 18 months old.


Silverback Sly said...

Surprised he isnt confused about his gender too

Anonymous said...

Deport him. He's a queer and here possibly illegally. Good enough.

Anonymous said...

Can't they just shut TF up and keep their queerness private?

Anonymous said...

The Kansas City Atheist Coalition will undoubtedly be trying to get publicity from this.

Strangely, so far as I an tell, all their leadership is WHITE.

Anonymous said...

He's the same as me and you.. only diff is they're sex act.. what's the big woop anyway??

Anonymous said...

Probably none, I mean you both suck dick and take it up the butt, right?

Anonymous said...


Are they purposely trying to use every label other than HOMOSEXUAL?

So this kid is a queer?

What's the difference between a QUEER, a GAY, and a HOMOSEXUAL?

Who ever was tasked with promoting "LGBTQZ" should have been fired from the homosexual public relations department.

Anonymous said...

Tells his story? He sucks dicks, has shit breath and takes it in the arse. THE END!