Thursday, June 08, 2017

KCMO Purse Snatching Suspect Vindicated

Given that local streets confront far worse threats than what may or may not happen to bag full of junk and make-up . . . This little bit of liberation makes sense. Checkit:

Wyandotte County man wrongfully convicted of robbery goes free after 17 years

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. - A judge freed a Wyandotte County man imprisoned for a 1999 Roeland Park Walmart robbery. Richard Jones walked out of the Johnson County jail Thursday afternoon after his lawyers convinced a Johnson County judge Wednesday that his conviction was based on just one eyewitn ess.


Silverback Sly said...

Now he will snatch the purse of the taxpayer because some asshole jury fucked up

Anonymous said...

The jury didn't mess up the police did. The guy had an alibi. The line up was a joke. How did he keep losing appeals? Something is not right about this whole situation.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I'm sure this ass hat was in church the day of the robbery. Damn, when are these libtard do gooders actually going to start doing something good?

Anonymous said...

Kansas is a fucked up state. In Missouri get way less time than that for murder he should sue the fuck out of whoever defended him in court. The slut who got her purse stole should do time for being a lying whore.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Watson!

Anonymous said...

You're certainly correct that something isn't right here.
But perhaps you've never been involved in the local county court systems. Or with the public defenders' offices.
First you have incompetence.
Followed up by covering up for your co-workers in the prosecutor's or public defender's office.
Then outright lying and mishandling legal matters.
Happens all the time, just like this man said when he was released.
Spend some time in one of the Jackson County courtrooms and your whole idea of a "justice system" will be changed.

Anonymous said...

Kansas is ducked up because there are so many Jesus Freaks there. The whore that lied about her purse is probably a fucking Christian slut. He should sue the whore.

Anonymous said...

She probably saved his life from getting shot in kc mo. He should thank her!

Crazy Clown said...

Breaking News

Also I DID NOT Murder Jimmy Hoffa that night back in july 31st 1975 as we were leaving Machus Red Foxx Restaurant that humid evening in Michigan.

Afterwards we went to Jimmys house and well he disappeared !

Aliens from outer Space took him they believe ???????

Anonymous said...

Your Kansas Bar Association at work!!!!