Saturday, June 17, 2017

Kansas Splits With Prez Trump On Farm Bill

A quick look at real life Red State divisions that might be part of the more popular movement to #resist the Prez but still deserve attention nevertheless . . .

Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts promises defense of Farm Bill, says cuts in spending would cause further harm to struggling ag economy

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The downturn in the farm economy makes this a terrible time to slash Farm Bill spending as President Donald Trump has proposed, a Republican lawmaker told an audience Friday at the Federal Reserve bank here. "It is important that the role of government be a partner, not an adversary, to our farmers and ranchers," said U.S.


Anonymous said...

It's a corn-and-soybean ghetto in the Heartland.

American ag policies have led to the destruction of local farmers in the Third World thanks to heavily subsidized crops.

Bacon is firmly under Chinese control, Tyson/Smithfield/Monsanto wrote the organic regulations, people pay a premium for scams like Kobi beef and Certified Angus.

USA farm policy is an updating of the Indian Reservation system.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how anyone can complain about subsidized crops in America. In the past decade the federal government has cut subsidizing by over 80 percent, not only hurting farmers, but increasing the costs to American families while cutting food subsidies for the poor. In the mean time our goverment has created conditions whereby farmers are force to sell grain and crops to foreign entities at a fraction of their market value while foreign nations continue to increase subsidies for all exports to America including food. This cold all be fixed with a TRUE America first policy, but I doubt the Donald has anyone in the White House who knows the difference between a corn field and a peanut farm.