Monday, June 19, 2017

Kansas City's Jason Kander FAILS Upward As Progressive Poster Boy After Missouri Defeat

The promo weekend glamor piece from Politico is part of DNC celebration of their new star and that's understandable . . . It's also just a bit frustrating that so many "journalists" attempt to report this history of the guy and how he ALMOST won but FAIL TO REPORT THAT A BIG PART OF HIS DEFEAT WAS BECAUSE OF BROKEN PROMISE TO KEEP HIS JOB AS SECSTATE.

Jason Kander is a brilliant student of the law, politics and voting rights but he's also a politician and our TKC blog community was one of a very few objective news outlet to hold the rising star accountable for this fact that is now consigned to history in hope of a new narrative for this chat show warrior. Take a look:

How Jason Kander Won by Losing

MANCHESTER, N.H.-Jason Kander was wearing a mic pack here as he wandered around the Puritan Backroom, chatting with local activists and politicians at the Manchester Democratic Club chicken dinner. A videographer, who followed him around as he moved from table to table, was being paid out of his campaign account.


Anonymous said...

Bottomless ambition and empty rhetoric.
Just what we need more of in politics.
Please go away.

Pander to Kander at your own risk said...

"chatting with local activists..."

Translation = whipping up anti white, antifa hatred of the Rule Of Law and encouraging "resistance", identity politics, expectations of entitlement and more free money from those who work for a living into the pockets of those who VOTE FOR A LIVING.

Anonymous said...

So if losing is winning, then he must be the biggest winner???

Anonymous said...

Telling losers they can be winners next year is always welcome. The Cubs filled Wrigley Field for 100 years telling fans that.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I hear next month he is going to assemble a bazooka wearing a blindfold

Anonymous said...

Kander does not sweat the opinions of gnats.

Anonymous said...

he won't be considered a young rising star forever. he needs to nail something down.

Anonymous said...

As Lincoln famously said when informed of some of his antics the night of a nasty drunk "Wait a minute, repeat that. I freed who?????"

Anonymous said...


Jason Kander is a pathetic loser. Most of his public persona is a purposely crafted fiction designed to advance him as a political puppet. He's not who he claims to be, and should not be trusted.

He repeatedly lied to Missouri voters about his "multi-generational MO roots", when he was in fact a Kansas resident for most of his life until moving across the state line to enter politics in Democrat KCMO because he had no future in red-state KS.

He lied and continues to lie about his military service. He spins a fabrication about enlisting after the 9/11 attacks, but neglects to mention that he went to law school first. Oops! He only wanted to have a military service record because he was already planning to enter politics while still in his 20's. Records indicate he was in Afghanistan for perhaps 2-4 months, and was a paper-pusher, not the guns-blazing front-line assault soldier depicted in his campaign ads. He himself admitted in a print interview that his time in Afghanistan was wasted and accomplished nothing.

Kander and his Russian-born wife are both failed attorneys.

Kander has lived for years off of his wife's money. A strong, successful man provides for his family and leads by example.

Kander has become one of the Democrats poster boys because he's been protected by the liberal Jewish wing of the party. That's not a religious attack, it's just a fact when you look at the media and political donors who are pushing him.

Remember during the U.S. Senate race in Missouri when Kander lied about his love and devotion to the state? As soon as he lost, he abandoned MO for Hollywood, D.C., and NYC circles to plan his next move. Kander is a sociopathic narcissist who is willing to sell out Americans in exchange for personal ambition.

Missouri residents discovered in time who the real Jason Kander was, and sent him packing, let's hope the rest of America isn't fooled by this charlatan.

Anonymous said...

^^^who cares? Obviously you, but who are you? Did Jason fuck your wife? Are you jealous of him...sure sounds like it. Maybe if you applied yourself and stuck to your own wretched life, you wouldn't take the time to run-down someone else who clearly triggers you. Rest assured Jason doesn't sweat you, but you obviously sweat him.

Anonymous said...

Kander is a lyer. Would never vote for him. He was and still is a Hillary clown. He's done for in politics. He's a puppet on a string.

Anonymous said...

1:18 comment

Please don't attempt to infringe on my right to free expression, even though you're no doubt a Democrat.

And Kander would never even consider fucking my wife, though she's gorgeous, as he's a closeted gay.

Finally, to answer your question "who cares?" Well, obviously you do! Seems I triggered your wretched idolization of Kander The Lying Loser. Please quit sweating my truth comments and go stick your head back in your ass.