Friday, June 30, 2017

Kansas City Street Early Flooding Bright Side: GO Bond Infrastructure Cash Coming Soon!!!

This morning locals are doing their best to avoid drowning in a great many Kansas City puddles and mini-lakes that appear every time it rains. Meanwhile, the Council moves forward spending that $800-MILLION that a tiny fraction of voters approved in an election that was probably rigged. Checkit:

Kansas City Council Approves $44 Million In Projects For First Year Of Infrastructure Bond

After weeks of back and forth and lively discussion about what constitutes a "shovel-ready" project, the Kansas City Council on Thursday approved the first round of projects it will address with money from a massive, $800 million infrastructure bond package approved by voters in April.


Anonymous said...

I see east of the sports complex has been forgotten again, thanks Troy, by the way where is the tree limb pickup you guys promised???

Anonymous said...

That $44 million is just for the Burns and Mac feasibility studies for the approved projects.

Anonymous said...

"Approving" a project list is one thing, actually accomplishing it is something else entirely.
Planning, organizing, implementing, managing, and providing sufficient oversight to ensure a quality result are not exactly strengths of KCMO government.
Much of the money will be wasted in do-overs and just plain really poor quality work.
And now, on to a new hotel, riverfront projects, a streetcar extension, a new airport terminal, and anything else some insider can come up with!

Anonymous said...

Blah Blah Blah! Just watch where the 800 million goes and then next time do some research before you vote away your pocketbook in Kansas Shitty. ....for the three dozen folks with jobs who actually go vote.