Thursday, June 08, 2017


Judging by social media comments and our blog community . . . This move by City hall has been dismissed by local voters. Take a look:

Proposed curfew now includes all parks in Kansas City

After a handful of homicides were reported on or near the trails in Kansas City, there's disagreement whether a proposed curfew will actually increase safety. About three dozen people gathered City Hall in Kansas City, many of them speaking about what they think needs to be done to keep the city's parks safe.


Anonymous said...

Will the Curfew work ????

lets test it and find out ,,,,,

Take a Hott Chick in sexy Lingerie and have her hang around there from say 9pm until 4am in the morning and lets see what happens ?

then we'll know after a few nights if it working or not, if shes still there smiling

who wants to be the 1st Test Guinea Pig ??????

any takers ?????

Sign Up here !

Anonymous said...

The reason I doubt it will work is because the council vote was unanimous. When that many dipshits vote the same way, it can't possibly succeed.

Anonymous said...

If you can't keep the thugs out of the parks .
Next best thing is to keep the victims out .

Anonymous said...

This is John Sharp grandstanding, this won't change one thing. The police don't have enough resources to patrol the city let alone the trails.

Hyperblogal said...

Tasking the police department with its resource shortage with yet another law is pure folly. This is feel-good legislation that is designed for mayoral campaign literature.

Anonymous said...

Fact- unless you're a gangbanger, sexual predator, hobo ,or pickle-puffer ,you don't have any business being in a park after dark ,period.

Wtf is your people's dog in this fight ?

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious, how would you put a curfew on the trails? Those trails are miles long with access from anywhere.

So in other words the parks are closed for law abiding citizens, and open for murders, rapist and drugs.


Anonymous said...

^^^ please...Won't you feel free to sneak right in there with them , if you must ??
Fucking go for it , cause damnit , Its just NOT FAIR!!!

Do join them..You insist.

Anonymous said...

What's your dog in the fight, cocksucking faggot?

Anonymous said...

^^^ You , you just answered your own question , Imbicil.

Its gonna be a bad , bad day , poor Lil Dump-Decipl. Don't get mad at me with your child-like name calling. LMFAO !!!
Honest to God , you are almost Too typical to describe.

You'll make it ,Lil champ. You've just got a river of shit to eat. Don't nibble. It will take a lifetime. Dive in ,Loser ! Ah Ha HaHaHa.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the park lest curfew and quarantine the whole city.

Anonymous said...

No killing allowed between 12:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.. Violators will be prosecuted.(only kidding)

Anonymous said...

KCPD says the trails are safe. No worries.
And it's business as usual at KCPD.