Tuesday, June 13, 2017


A welcomed break with the policies of the previous administration is now under way . . .

Fox4: Community officers return to Kansas City


"Interim Police Chief David Zimmerman is allowing commanders to make the change in neighborhoods where dedicated officers may be needed.

"Former Chief Darryl Forte eliminated dedicated community interaction officers nearly a year ago, saying all cops on the beat should be reaching out to know their neighbors. Many community leaders said having dedicated officers working side-by-side with citizens on quality of life issues helped prevent crime and eliminate blight.

"With the recent surge in homicides in the urban core, some expect having community interaction officers plugged in to personal relationships can help resolve problems before they turn deadly . . ."

Remember that Northeast News highlighted this problem first and voiced community opposition against the move.

And so, the move beyond "business as usual" is welcomed by many in KCMO as this town continues to fight a homicide crisis.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

How could Farte have been wrong about that?
KCPD one big indecision..... take the officers away, no put them back, no take them away, no put them back...... LOL.

Anonymous said...

Forte was so stupid, he didn't even know how stupid he was.

Anonymous said...

Forte was the worst police chief ever. Didn't give a fuck about his own people. They couldn't have hired a worse one if they had tried to.

Retro ROCKER said...

Crime is spreading to the burbs and rural county's a news article states many rural jails are full from drug dealers to ileagels.