Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Kansas City Midweek Look Tonight

Jessica-Jane hotness and a closer look at these Kansas City issues tonight . . .

Home Town Hero

KC Superman: Truth, justice and the KC way

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With the "S" on his chest and cape dancing behind, it's not unusual for locals to see KC Superman running through their metropolis. He catches football passes, poses for pictures all in an effort to fight for truth, justice, and the Kansas City way.

More Local Destruction

Preparations for demolishing burned furniture warehouse already underway

More than 24 hours after the start of a massive fire at a furniture warehouse off of Southwest Boulevard - the building's remains are still smoldering. Because of that damage - the building will have to come down. It's a total loss. Preparations for demolishing that warehouse are already underway.

Kansas City Tunes

Mid-Life Midwestern Songwriter Turns To PBS For Inspiration, With Hilarious Results

It takes a special kind of mid-life Midwestern songwriter to transform the tale of Ann Boleyn, Henry VIII's famous second wife, and Thomas Cromwell, the king's lesser-known chief minister, into a cheatin' song.

Cowtown Cloak & Dagger

Links to KC businessman, CIA gunrunner lead to firing of Wall Street Journal reporter

The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday fired its highly regarded chief foreign affairs correspondent after evidence emerged of his involvement in prospective commercial deals - including one involving arms sales to foreign governments - with a Kansas City-based international businessman who was one of his key sources.

The Forecast This Week

Keep an eye on thunderstorms possible Thursday night into Friday

This weekend will be a welcome break from the heat.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Another vacant building for KCmo to deal with.

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TOP PHOTO -- Assume The Position

Jessica Jane is my armchair slot receiver!!!