Friday, June 09, 2017


Linked earlier but this report has more deets . . . In some of the worst KCMO living conditions . . . Another victim of local gunfire is counted up. Checkit:

Police investigating homicide after woman is killed in KC

Kansas City police are investigating a homicide after a woman was killed on Friday. Officers went to the 100 block of NW Harlem on a call about a shooting. When officers arrived, they found the female victim down inside in a room. The Kansas City Fire Department came to the scene and declared her deceased.


Anonymous said...

I would imagine that motels a scuzz now.

Took long enough to get that way.

Used to be a blue collar lower income hood.

I know the demo of resident has flipped over the last 15-20 years.....heavily. hmmm

Anonymous said...

Very Cool. Killa City on the move.

Anonymous said...

Get your kicks @ 136.

Anonymous said...

That particular "hotel" has served as a halfway house for recently released jailbirds. It's been a haven for druggies and prostitutes for a very long time. The area is without any services - no stores, no doctors, no hope for the poor slobs. It's been dangerous since KCI opened up in the early 70's. Sorry someone was in the wrong place.