Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Kansas City Family Still Waiting For Justice Two Years After Tragic Murder

Call for tips and testimony from this family that still struggles in the aftermath of a tragic shooting. Take a look:

Kansas City parents plea for help in son's unsolved murder going on two years without arrest

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- It's been nearly two years since a young Kansas City man was shot to death while holding his young cousin on his lap. The case is still unsolved and that's why family members of Devin Flemons held a fund raising event on Monday night.


Anonymous said...

This is shameful on the black community.not surprising,but still shameful..The Code is so super cool.

Anonymous said...

I dint see nuffin

Anonymous said...

A KCPD Cold Case, one of thousands.
Just throw it in another file cabinet.

Anonymous said...

When black people can give money to the Texas police officers families who were shot down in cold blood by Beyonce and gang, then maybe help would come in for this boy. Until then I wouldn't tell even if I knew who the killer was, and I sure won't give any money to this cause!

Ferguson Effect is working GREAT throw it in the cold case I'm for it.

Anonymous said...

This is certainly a tragedy, but keep in mind that there are over 100 murders in KCMO year after year and less that 50% are ever solved.
There's little cooperation with the police and even less leadership to encourage it in the part of the city where the great majority of the homicides take place.
Lots of excuses and blame pointed at others.
Little serious effort made to address the real issues of behavior, lack of responsibility, and outright criminality.
It's a real shame that the regular hard-working folks just trying to earn a living and raise their families have to endure neighborhoods where crime and violence are condoned, but without having the guts to be real about the problem and have the community work together to get the bad guys off the street, nothing much is going to change.
In fact, in that kind of environment, things will only get worse.

Anonymous said...

The case is buried in some cold case file drawer at KCPD.

Anonymous said...

Now Listen up all ya' Kansas City Honky's

KCMO Mayor Sly Commie James, has other important shit to tend to than keeping Kansas Citian's safe

Ol' Commie Sly, got to figure out how to STEAL even more of your TAX Dollars before his worthless Degenerate Commie Ass leaves office and that'll take sum thought for a commie negro' like him, cause his ass ain't to fuckin bright to begin with !

of course in between all that supposed thinkin' he'll be doin, he'll have to FEED his big ol' over size Gut, down at sum plaza restaurant on the TAX Payers Dime , naturally of course,,,,,,,

Sly ain't got NO Time to be jackin with you righteous citizens of the community , you on your own !

Anonymous said...

I know we are on our own^^^ President Trump appears to have lied about being able to stop all this carnage.