Saturday, June 03, 2017

Kansas City Crossroads Parking Crackdown

Despite a myriad of public transit options . . . The local middle-class would STILL rather just spend most of their time looking for a decent parking spot. You decide:

Kansas City to hire third party to enforce parking in Crossroads

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Whether it's First Fridays or a sunny afternoon, finding street parking in the Crossroads can sometimes be a challenge. "When we find a parking spot, we jump on it right away," said Kari Applstein, who lives in the area.


Anonymous said...

Over fifty nuerders in this city and we are worried about parking in the crossroads, toy train and sLIE James International Airport. Atta boy mayor bully bullhorn. We see what your ptorities are and it sure as hell isnt about the citizens. Go eff yourself

Anonymous said...

"It’s one of the reasons why the city is looking for a private vendor to take over such enforcement within the streetcar TDD."

Anonymous said...


Why NOT a 5th or 7th Party ??????

Again, the Degenerate Socialist / Communist Liberals figuring out more ways to STEAL your MONEY and more !!

Remember your supoosed to play along and be too damn STUPID & IGNORANT, DUMB to realize what their actually doing and their actual agenda is !!!

Don't forget to NOT play along !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Need to have a private vendor take over operation of the city

Anonymous said...

Obviously the city has not only created a new revenue stream, but a new way to protect police from working in high crime areas.

Anonymous said...

Why? They police my area in the library district ALL-THE-TIME.