Friday, June 16, 2017

Kansas City Chiefs Stay Losing Future Fans

Head injury lawsuits and the increasing awesomeness of video games have turned away younger fans from Kansas City football tradition. Take a look at one of our favorite articles of the day:

Kansas City Chiefs are not a popular team to cheer for

On Tuesday, 610 Sports Radio aired a segment in the 7:00 AM hour in which they interviewed kids from the Boys and Girls Club of Independence. The interview was brought on when the kids toured the 610 studio and the hosts asked how many were Kansas City Chiefs fans.


Anonymous said...

Quite Possibly their just NOT stupid enough to shell out $60.00 or more to Park to see a bunch of over paid multi million dollar jugheads run around a field chasing a ball ~ !!!

$60.00 to Park

$50 to $150.00 for tickets every game,,

NAW', better shit to do , than waste money like that on multi millionaire football jugheads !!!

They are the NEW Generation who's smarter than the last few brainless generations !!!!

Anonymous said...

It's Boys and Girls Club, meaning they don't have a father in there lives to teach them what team to root for, among many other things.